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PBN in Bermuda

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The America’s Cup Race begins in Bermuda this weekend. As you may know, it’s an intense sailing competition that’s been taking place since 1851. In previous races, this event has attracted more than 250,000 spectators! That’s a lot of people traveling by air to one place.

Correcting Hazards in the NAS

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The ATO’s Top 5 Hazard List is a powerful illustration of our Collect, Find and Fix approach to proactively address safety risk. On the FY17 list, we’re tackling hazards involving close encounters between IFR and VFR aircraft, NOTAM issuance and cancellation, NOTAM prioritization and filtering, runway flyovers, and aircraft landing on the wrong runway, on a taxiway, or at the wrong airport. We’ve already completed 10 of the 29 corrective actions developed for these list items.

Public Servants Extraordinare

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Public Service Recognition Week begins on May 7. I want to take this time to thank every one of you for what you do every day to support the FAA’s mission. When it comes to running a safe, efficient airspace system, and handling the number of operations we do, no one else in the world comes close!

Performance Management and Mid-Cycle Reviews

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This is always such an exciting time of year for sports fans. Many of us were riveted by the men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments, and are now turning our attention to the crack of a bat on the baseball diamond as our favorite pro hockey and basketball teams vie for the playoffs.

Meeting the UAS Challenge

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Hi everyone. This week, the FAA and the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International co-sponsored the 2017 UAS Symposium in Reston, Virginia.  More than 650 people attended from sectors such as aviation, technology and academia, to learn about and share the latest on the integration of UAS into the National Airspace System. There is a whole lot of anticipation about what the FAA is doing on this subject.

"Flight into the Future"

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If you have ever dreamed of flying or built a paper airplane, you have walked in the footsteps of the men and women who created the world of aviation as we know it today. Ideas were written on paper. Wooden and cloth models were built to test the designs before the actual balloons, gliders, and planes were built and tested by brave men and women in the air. Today, aircraft designers from all over the world work together, planning and testing their ideas on computers. As the designs take shape, engineers and manufactures built with the latest composites and other materials to make them lighter and more versatile than ever before to meet the needs of today’s flyers.

Girls -vs- Boys

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Why do so few women end up in physics, mathematics and other fields traditionally associated with “brilliance”? Part of the answer may lie in what happens to girls by the time they’re out of kindergarten.

4th of July

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As we celebrate, let’s be sure and reflect on the freedoms that we as Americans believe in, such as the right to free speech, free enterprise and the freedom to govern ourselves. 


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No matter what your particular position is in the organization, you can influence those positive outcomes.   In other words, it’s about personal power, not positional power.  Personal power is what drives our strategic success in the key priority areas of safety risk mitigation, NextGen implementation, integrating new users, and shaping global aviation.  This kind of leadership at all levels requires us to positively influence the people we work with – our employees, our bosses, our co-workers and our customers.   

Engage ~ Excel ~ Evolve

PWC & Oakland Aviation Day

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On Saturday, April 16, 2016, about 25 middle school youths (12-15 years old) from the San Francisco East Bay will participate in a day-long...