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Jenn Lemmon
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Performance Management and Mid-Cycle Reviews

One thing I like about sports is that players and teams always stop to evaluate how they’re performing. They review football game tapes on Monday mornings, analyze their golf swings at the end of each round and assess how to best position themselves for the challenges ahead of them. They make adjustments as they go along.

That’s a great way to view the value of performance management, and at this time of year especially, mid-cycle performance reviews. Sometimes we get so caught up in the immediate tasks in front of us, we don’t take the time to sit back with individual members of our teams and analyze whether we and they are on track to meet our overall goals.

This is a great time for supervisors to ask what is going well and whether we should make any mid-game, or mid-term, adjustments. We can give employees the validation they need to stay the course, or make mid-course corrections that can really help us get back on track when necessary.

Performance management isn’t a one-way street. While this process is a great opportunity for managers to gauge a team member’s progress, it also allows all employees to identify training and resource needs that will help them maximize their ability to succeed. An honest exchange between employees and their supervisors is critical as we continue to build the Workforce of the Future.

We have a number of resources that can help us with employee development, including the Air Traffic Leadership Development Program, the ATO Career Planning Program and Continuous Leadership Development.

For employees covered under Valuing Performance (VP) or the Performance Management System (PMS), you can read more about mid-cycle reviews here.

If you aren’t covered by one of these programs and are a member of a bargaining unit, your contract guidelines will apply.  For example, the AFSCME contract requires a mid-year performance feedback session and a signed copy of the mid-year evaluation.

On a related topic, I want to thank all of you for continuing to stay focused on our mission. There’s a lot of activity in Washington as there always is with any new Administration and Congress. New leadership comes with fresh ideas for improving the way we do business. One of those ideas is restructuring and privatizing air traffic control. Those conversations are still in the early stages, and we have confidence that a full dialogue will occur and culminate in a path forward that ensures we will continue to be the safest, most efficient airspace possible.

Thanks everyone!

Teri L. Bristol
ATO Chief Operating Officer

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