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Jenn Lemmon
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Tackling General Aviation From Many Fronts

Our controllers like these new inputs that are being fused into the view on their displays too. In New York, we can put aircraft equipped with ADS-B on routes just offshore where they previously wouldn’t have been visible, and that reduces the traffic volume over congested inland sectors. In New Orleans and Houston, we have significantly reduced minimum separation and delays for helicopters traveling to oil rigs by providing service in areas we couldn’t before. In Alaska, the rate of fatal crashes is significantly lower among ADS-B equipped aircraft than those that are unequipped.

That’s the key -- we need all of our users, including GA, to equip. We’ve been working with them in a number of ways, including at SUN ‘n FUN, to remove any obstacles to equipage before the 2020 deadline.

I also talked to the audience about a Top 5 hazard mitigation, making sure aircraft land on the right surface and at the right airport. Many wrong-surface incidents involve GA, and take place in good visibility.

We have been employing a proactive strategy of improved technology, outreach and collaboration. We have made modifications to our systems that will give controllers more awareness of aircraft misalignments, collaborated with our airport colleagues on runway geometry issues, and talked with pilots and controllers about how to effectively communicate runway assignment changes. We’re also participating in runway safety action team meetings with pilots and airports.

We’re planning an important safety summit on this topic too, and I’ll share more details about that when they become available.

Whether it’s implementing advanced technology or trouble shooting problem areas, I appreciate everything our team is doing to make sure our national airspace system is safe for all users.

Thanks everyone, Teri

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