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Jenn Lemmon
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Performance Management

Midcycle reviews offer us a similar opportunity with our careers here at the FAA. While nobody walks into a review with their supervisor hoping for negative feedback, I think every one of us is owed constructive advice on ways we can improve to help us advance to the next level of our career goals. In fact, we should insist on it.

I’m asking ATO managers, as they prepare for their midcycle check-ins with employees in April or soon after, to make a point of not only recognizing good work, but also identifying areas of improvement. It’s one of the most important jobs that managers have at every level as we work to maintain an organization where people feel valued and know what is expected of them in their jobs.

Having a written record of feedback helps our employees understand their performance and focus on growth. And their development also helps us deliver better service to our stakeholders, maintain our enviable safety record, and inform our succession planning efforts.

Remember, this is a two-way conversation. Employees should also be vocal about asking for what they need to not only be fully successful, but to exceed expectations. This is important because as an agency, we’re taking a hard look at how to ensure in the Valuing Performance system that a rating above fully successful is a meaningful assessment, one reserved for someone who truly exceeds expectations. Higher ratings might be a little harder to get in the future, so think about ways you can stand out. Although our employees in the Performance Management System do not receive these qualitative ratings, I know that all of our employees want to excel, and enhance career progression opportunities as well.

Thanks everyone!


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