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Jenn Lemmon
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Safety Stand Down

Subject: Pressure-Washing the Deck and Other Safety Tips

Hi everyone,

I was pressure-washing my deck last weekend, a job I’ve done several times before, and it didn’t take long before I remembered that if I didn’t use the proper technique I might just injure myself or someone around me.

That served as a good personal reminder of why we are so committed to the Safety Stand Down, the special emphasis Technical Operations places on workplace safety twice a year. While safety is a priority all day every day, we all benefit from reviewing procedures, lessons learned and best practices as well as talking through health and safety situations we encounter in the field and in our facilities.

In the most recent Safety Stand Down events, we have had themes focused on recognizing and communicating hazards. During the current event, which began April 22 and wraps up May 6, we are focusing on mitigating and resolving hazards.

We committed to doing these Safety Stand Downs in 2010 because we recognized a proactive approach is the best way to prevent accidents from occurring. We defer all non-essential maintenance during the Safety Stand Down to show the commitment that we have to employee safety and allow for the maximum level of participation in these activities.

Our folks have really benefited from these events because the dialogue at every level of the organization has led to needed improvements. Our colleagues have identified safer ways to install runway safety lights in Nevada, conduct power cutovers in inclement weather in Kentucky and transport equipment over water in New Hampshire. You can read more success stories and download safety resources on our website.

Workplace safety isn’t just for Tech Ops. We should all be alert to the conditions around us, so let your supervisor know if you see a situation that doesn’t seem safe.

Whether it’s wearing personal protective equipment, relocating cords that someone could trip over, knowing the location of an emergency exit, properly using tools while repairing systems or even powerwashing the deck, remember that workplace safety isn’t a spectator sport. Protect yourself, protect the NAS!

Thanks everyone!



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