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Jenn Lemmon
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Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

We ask you to take this survey because feedback shouldn’t be from the top down only. We want to hear what you think about the FAA and the ATO as a workplace. We know that if you feel engaged and interested in your job, your productivity will mean a safe and strong air transportation system.

The confidential survey asks your opinion on topics such as job satisfaction, leadership, training and work-life programs. Your candid answers allow us to identify where we’re doing well and what areas require more attention from leadership.

And this year, everyone who has been a permanent employee since October has an opportunity to provide input. In previous years, the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, implemented by of the Office of Personnel Management, only went to a sampling of the federal workforce.

I know you’re busy operating and maintaining our national airspace system, but I hope you’ll take the 30 minutes or so to fill out the survey before it expires in a few days on June 11. In return for your time, I can promise you that I will meet with our ATO management team to review the results, as we have in previous years, and come up with an action plan based on your feedback.

Real change comes from your input. Our ATO service units identified FedView engagement captains across the NAS who have helped us analyze your results on topics such as workforce motivation and leadership, and they tailored responses. For example, we focused on collaborative management and performance recognition. We also emphasized connecting face-to-face with lunch and learn sessions and recognition events. We use multi-level communication channels such as newsletters and the ATO Minute to provide updates and emphasize our core values.

We were pleased to see that our efforts paid dividends. In last year’s FedView survey, the ATO’s overall engagement score was 66 percent, up 2 percentage points from the year before -- even though moving the needle in a large organization like ours can be difficult. I would love to see us improve even more.

We’d also like to see as many recipients as possible fill out the survey. Thanks to everyone who has already completed it. I hope the rest of you will search your email for a message that came in from with this subject line: The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey: Empowering Employees. Inspiring Change.

Also, the employee timekeeping code you can use in both LDR and CRU-X systems is 12XXFAORGIMP (Organizational Improvement) for the Project Code and OR0600 (Improve Business) for the Task Code.

I look forward to getting your feedback. Remember: NAS First, People Always!

Thanks everyone!

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