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Jenn Lemmon
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Diamond Anniversary for Our Aviation Jewel in New Jersey

As the Tech Center prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary next week, it strikes me how just about everything in the NAS has been developed, tested or otherwise influenced by our coworkers at the world’s leading aviation research center and test bed since it was established in 1958.

The ATO’s 650 employees at the Tech Center and the adjacent tower in Atlantic City, N.J., come from almost every one of our service units. The biggest share, more than 360, are Program Management Organization employees who are supporting automation, communication and weather systems, and second-level software and hardware engineering.

The AJM-24 Terminal Second Level Engineering and AJM-25 En Route and Oceanic Engineering teams support the entire lifecycle of the many NAS systems, including contributing to requirements development, design and development, test and deployment. They work with our coworkers in Mission Support on requirements, with labor representatives who come in from the field to test software functions, with our technicians to test hardware, as well as with outside stakeholders.

We also do round-the-clock field support of more than 30 NAS systems, which include En Route Automation Modernization and Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System. When a fire impacted one of our facilities in Chicago, a Tech Center team loaded equipment into a van and drove it out there to bring our facility back online as quickly as possible.

We also conduct safety risk and performance analysis, other safety and technical support, and flight operations out of Atlantic City. And we work closely with NextGen researchers and planners.

By being at the Tech Center, our employees have access to a number of top-notch laboratories where they can hold user and operational evaluations. One example of how that helps is by allowing us to work out kinks in software before going operational.

It’s not unusual to hear our Tech Center teammates say they never want to work anywhere else because they find the work and the environment unique and exciting.

So be sure to wish our colleagues there a happy 60th anniversary on July 12 and thank them for the phenomenal work they are doing at the Tech Center.

I hope you enjoy the summer and stay safe!

Thanks, everyone!


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