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Jenn Lemmon
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Transformation is On Its Way with TBO

This is true of the NextGen improvements we have made to our national airspace system too. We have done a terrific job of upgrading the automation, navigation, surveillance and communication systems in our national airspace, which by themselves, add value.

But the real transformation is still to come as all of these changes work together to allow us to build capabilities that translate into a full trajectory-based operation (TBO).

TBO is our way of strategically planning, managing and optimizing flights throughout the operation. Aircraft will use time, rather than less efficient miles in trail, and leverage the aircraft’s ability to fly more precise flight paths, increasing predictability, flexibility and throughput, as we combine Time Based Management and Performance Based Navigation.

Though we have a lot of tools to help us get to TBO, we know that it is our people who will help us operationally integrate them. We need to do a good job of educating and training the people who will use these tools in the field, putting the right procedures in place, and supporting the facilities so that technology and other processes are all working together.

We’ve been working with other lines of business as well as the National Air Traffic Controllers Association who agree that this transformation is necessary. The aviation industry likes it too because it will reduce operation costs, fuel burn and delay.

It won’t happen all at once, but I need all of you to be ready to embrace these changes and adopt TBO so we can maximize the benefits of our investments and provide the most efficient airspace possible.

Thanks, everyone!


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