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Western Pacific Region

Meagan Garmon - Western Pacific Regional Director


Meagan Garmon has been with the FAA for just almost eight years. Before the FAA, she was a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines, sold real estate in the Northern Kentucky area, is an instrument rated private pilot and has her aircraft dispatch license. She attended Middle Tennessee State University, completed the CTI program and graduated with a B.S. in Aviation-Flight Dispatch in 2007. Hired by the FAA in April of 2008, she went to MCO ATCT. In October 2014 she became an Operational Supervisor at MCO ATCT, until January of 2016 when she became a Support Specialist for training at LAS ATCT, where she is currently.

Member States

California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.

Western Pacific Region Facilities

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Western Region News & Articles

It's almost time to bid leave for 2016, some important dates to remember:

PWC ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCE Phoenix, AZ April 26-28, day trip to the Boneyard and PIMA Air Museum is April 25th. We expect the Conference Days to be approved FAA Training and will have letters for you to give to your Facility to convert the AL you bid to excused absence/official time.

FAAMA Convention October 19-21 Las Vegas, NV

NATCA Communicating For Safety March 21-23 Las Vegas, NV

NATCA Convention August 30- Sept 2 San Diego, CA

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