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Home President's Corner * Updates * April 4, 2016

In my last update I shared a briefing we received about on boarding of new employees.  I received some feedback from some of you and shared it with their office.  Here is their response:  We appreciate you sharing your feedback and certainly want to address your members’ concerns. Feedback is very important to our program as it tells us what’s working, what’s not and what areas need  improvement.

It is highly likely that no one in the regions has seen a new hire receive a call from AHR because we call all new hires prior to their arrival to welcome them to the agency. That call is usually on the Friday, before EOD at their personal phone numbers they provide on their applications. If we aren’t successful by phone, we follow up with an email to their personal email accounts, but every single applicant regardless of status including the direct hires to the facilities receives a phone call or personal email welcoming them to the agency. That’s for both live and virtual orientation. In addition to the personal outreach, each new hire receives a New Hire Welcome Packet via email to their personal email accounts. An email is also sent to the hiring manager to advise that we’ve contacted the employee and also requesting that they make sure a telephone and computer are available for the new hire to participate in virtual orientation if they’re not receiving in person orientation.

If the VRA direct hires do not receive any information about the agency, something is missing. All employee’s are notified in advance about the virtual orientation session which provides an overview of the agency, our history, mission and a summary of each of the LOB’s and their functions. If any new hire is unable to participate in orientation and they notify our office, we provide them with the date of the next session as well as make accommodations to conduct personal orientation sessions at the employee’s convenience.

If there are inconsistent new hire practices, we’d love to know which regions or offices are not utilizing or do not have access to the FAA Corporate Onboarding materials for both virtual and live new hire orientation. The approved corporate onboarding presentation materials is the official EOD communication for all FAA HR Offices and regions. The sole purpose of  having one set of new hire orientation materials was to provide a consolidated structure of the onboarding process to ensure consistency across the agency. Just let us know what they’re missing…we want to help.

Lastly is probably the hardest issue to address, and that’s that your member’s find the sessions boring. We realize 2 hours is a very long time to sit and listen to information, but it is helpful information about the agency and what they can expect as an FAA employee as well as tools and resources available to them.