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Home President's Corner * Updates * August 3, 2016

FAA will post a public announcement August 8-15, 2016 that will be accepting applications from entry-level candidates for air traffic controller positions. The link to the announcement is   . This link works only behind the FAA firewall.

The job vacancy announcement for the ATC-Trainee position will be available on

Please share this news within your family, friends, students, and anyone else looking to elevate their career at or with the FAA.

Digital Media Kit – Link is

Here are some highlights about this bid from a telcon I participated in today:

The FAA Extension, Safety, and Security Act of 2016  was signed on June 15 and this has affected the ATCS hiring process.  There will be 2 pools of applicants.

Pool 1 will be for U.S. citizens and cover 1.  CTI graduates receiving a recommendation letter from their school and have proof of graduation etc,  2.  VRA with DD-214, 3.  Eligible veteran with aviation experience.

Pool 2 will be for U.S. citizens and covers all others and must pass biographical assessment

The replacement test is called the Air Traffic Skills Assessment Battery (ATSA) they dropped the "B" because sounds too close to ATSAT.  It consists of seven cognitive tests.

There is an age waiver in the legislation as well.  If you bid in 2014 and were a CTI or VRA (pool 1) hire and were disqualified because you failed the Bio test you can re-bid and the FAA will waive you age .  So if you were in the experienced group with 52 consecutive weeks of air traffic and applied in 2014 at age 30 and now you are 32 the FAA will adjust your age.  Note:  If you choose pool 2 there is NO age waiver.

Biographical test is good for three years.

ATSA test is good for three years, you are allowed to re-test but the FAA will keep you most recent score.  It does not matter if it is higher or lower.

2017 target is to hire 1,781 with 1,452 entry level.  The legislation requires the FAA to hire equitably from both pools.

2018 target is also 1,781.

More information is available on the FAA website, if you are on the public site go to the careers tab for FAQs and hyperlinks for more information.  They will also be sending me more information and I will share with you as I receive it.

Patti Wilson
PWC President