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Home President's Corner * Updates * December 23, 2015

Happy Holidays All,

This past week I attended the NEF (Dec. 16-17). 

Deputy Administrator Michael Whitaker discussed with us:

  • Budget for 2016 funding is okay and they expect 2017 to be similar
  • A reauthorization/privatization expected to be introduced in the springtime (Paul Rinaldi will be speaking to this at our conference in April 2016)
  • Wake ReCat is getting great reviews, Atlanta has seen a 10% increase in capacity, Delta and Fedex are very happy
  • UAS registration website went live December 21, it was completed in two months (UAS is on the conference agenda)
  • There will be a mandatory eLMS course coming out on Active Shooters and Insider Threat.  If you would like to have ASH brief your facility let us know and again we will help coordinate the effort.
  • Discussed getting the third day of official time reinstated to attend the national training conferences

Rickie Cannon, AHR-2:

  • As you can all see the ATC bid posted on December 21 with 30 day cutoffs depending on how many applications they receive.  (Rickie Cannon is on the conference agenda)  The bid has been posted on our FB page.

Mamie Mallory, ACR-1:

  • ACR is reviewing the HRPM WLB policy language to see what we can do to prevent the confusion of approving official time to attend the national training conferences
  • ACR-1 will brief the Administrator in January on the NEF Business Case for the return of the third day.


  • The NextGen office stopped by and asked each president if they could have 2 hours on our national training conference agendas for 2016.  PWC is not able to accommodate them because our agenda if full and finalized.  If your facility is interested in having this briefing let us know and we can help coordinate the effort.
  • NEF worked on the business plan

Teri Bristol meeting 12-18-2015:

  • Briefed her on the NEF business case being presented to the Administrator in January by ACR-1
  • Discussed the save pay issue.  They know it is a big problem and it is being addressed by VP Tim Arel
  • She is very excited to be at our conference and she will be speaking about Women in Leadership at conference
  • Discussed the ERR/SOP/Release Policy MOU signed November 4, 2015. This is a step toward getting the staffing at our facilities healthy.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!

Patti Wilson

PWC President