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Home President's Corner * Updates * December 8, 2015

Good Evening,

On 12-7-2015 the NEF was briefed on the FAA's plan to replace the current version of the AT-SAT.  The FAA and APTMetrics undertook a project to evaluate and implement alternatives to the current assessment used for ATC selection, the AT-SAT. As recommended in the Barrier Analysis (Outtz & Hanges, 2012) and decided upon by the FAA, alternatives to the AT-SAT were sought due to the dated nature of the test, its over-exposure, and large group differences.

Based on the results of this comprehensive review, the FAA has selected a set of assessments to include in the upcoming research phase of the project. This group of assessments measures the vast majority of critical and required skills required of ATC candidates at the point of hire, and they also offer a number of advanced security features.  Once validated and put into practice, these assessments will replace the current version of the AT-SAT.

The validation will invite 2,000 CPCs with a target of 1,600 CPCs participating.  It will be a stratified random sample to ensure adequate representation to include facility type, facility level, race, ethnicity and gender.  The validation will take approximately 6 hours.  They expect the MOU to be signed soon.  If you are selected please support this effort.

Expect a 45 day specialized experience ATC bid to come out soon.  The general experience bid will not come out until the validation is complete.


PWC is working on an online registration for the 2016 National Training Conference.  We plan to have it ready to go no later than late January possibly earlier.  This will streamline our registration process for you and it will save money for the organizatiion.  It will also reduce the amount of work needed by the local conference committee.  The conference is April 25-28,  2015.

Please contact me if you have comment or concerns.

Patti Wilson

PWC President