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Home President's Corner * Updates * January 29, 2016

PWC Hotel Rate change for Conference:  When we sign a contract with a hotel, the language of the contract always says a dollar amount - in the case of Phoenix, $113 - but also with an asterisk that notes the rate as the prevailing government per diem rate, subject to being changed as the rate changes.  Per diem rates don’t change that much from year to year, so we usually don’t see a change from what we expect.  If you review the GSA Per Diem rate for FY16, you’ll see that the rate for April in Phoenix has indeed gone up from 113 to 120.  So, the hotel is well within their contracted rights to adjust our rate up to the current government rate for their locality.  We apologize for the surprise email - the hotel did not advise us that they were making this adjustment prior to sending out the emails.  

Scholarship:  Thank you to all of you who volunteered to be on our scholarship committee, so we are closing the request for volunteers.  Note:  Deadline for applications is February 15, 2016, full details are available on our website.

BOD meeting with COO, Teri Bristol:  Retirement-There was recently a change in a form and it has OPM questioning 2nd level supervision, they have told the FAA everything will stay status quo for now.  If your retirement pay is being calculated wrong let me know and I will send a message to AHR-1 so they can take care of it. 

I will have full details of the January BOD meeting and in DC, including our meetings with the COO, Teri Bristol and AHR-1, Annie Andrews in the next WATCH.  I hope you all are surviving your winter without too much snow.

Patti Wilson
PWC President