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A lot has been happening with PWC since our conference.  The conference was very successful and you can look forward to a full summary in the WATCH which will be coming out soon.  This WATCH took a little longer than previous editions because we included  advertising in it for the first time.  For those of you who were unable to attend the General Business Meeting (GBM) at conference, we discussed this added benefit for our supporters.

The PWC June Board of Directors (BOD) meeting took place in Memphis, TN.  This is the Goals setting meeting.  For those of you who may not know, the PWC year starts June 1.  The following are our three main goals for this year:
1.    Paid Family Leave – Collaborate with NATCA,  ATO and other Employee Associations (EA's) to implement a change to Family Leave policy and Part time employment associated with the birth or adoption of a child.
•       Currently drafting a letter of support for paid family leave
•       Requesting support from other EA's
2.    Increasing Visibility:
•        Each Board member will provide an article for a "Who is PWC?" section of our web site and our Facebook page.
•        Board members will represent PWC by participating in a minimum of 12 ACE/STEM events in 2016-2017.  A long term goal is to have  ACE/STEM event in conjunction with conference.
3.    Website:
•        PWC Store – Web Page Administrator will create a store on the PWC website with items to sell from Saleables and newly  purchased items
•        Online Library – Web Page Administrator upload informative and educational documents to share with our members.

A big Thank You to Memphis ARTCC and Memphis ATCT/TRACON for hosting us, we really appreciated the hospitality.  While in Memphis, we hosted a fun social event at LaFayettes. We also provided federal resume training delivered by Alfredia Brooks of Brooks and Associates, LLC.

You will see a new tab on the website ( called Resources.  It currently has two tab; Women of Influence and Books that Influence.  Please take a look at these two excellent resources.

Our National Employee Forum (NEF) was scheduled to meet in Washington DC this week.  Unfortunately, the meeting was cancelled so I will have a full update on the NEF our next quarterly meeting in September.

On a personal note, I have moved back to northern California and I am back at Northern California TRACON.  I had a great experience at FAA HQ in AJV-82 and I would highly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity if it presents itself.