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Home President's Corner * Updates * March 18, 2016

AT-SAT replacement validation study is underway.

If you have not already been selected to participate in the FAA assessment validation project and would like to volunteer, you may contact to request login credentials and instructions for registering for the validation assessment.  Please include “FAA Validation – Requesting Participant ID” in the subject of your email, and also include your Full Name and Facility Code in the email.

They are looking for 1600 controllers to participate and so far they only have 800.  We need your help to better the AT-SAT.

National Employee Forum (NEF) Highlights

The NEF met March 16-17, 2016 via telcon or in person if local to the DC area.  We had some excellent briefings from the FAA Corporate Onboarding Program Office, AHR-Corporate Recruiting and Marketing, MD-715 Barrier Analysis, Technical Operations Recruitment and Active Shooter mandatory eLMS training.  We have been given approval to share some of these powerpoints, but due to size limitations on attachments I am not going to be sending them all to you.  We will be posting them on the PWC website ( and I will send out an email letting you know when they are posted and where they are located.

I would like your feedback on one item.  The Corporate Onboarding program office briefed us on the changes made for new FAA employees.  This is happening across the FAA since May 2015, except the Academy students whom they expect to reach in 2016-2017.  Every new hire gets a personal phone call from an HR representative and there is now a process for systematically welcoming new hires; seamlessly integrating them with the organization and its culture; and effectively equipping them with information and resources that expedite productivity and boost engagement.  This should be a consistent corporate experience across all geographies, lines of business and staff offices.   In the field the new hiring manager is responsible, the participant is invited via email, the manager and administrative officer is notified.  HR has virtual orientation every two weeks and they are seeing 80% participation.  Are you seeing this occur in the field and if so what feedback do you have?

We also met with Brian Easley, Ph.D, DOT Associate Director, Human Capital Planning & Solutions Division; Chief Learning Officer and Warren Whitlock, DOT Associate Administrator Federal Highway Administration Office of Civil Rights.  This was a very exciting meeting because DOT recognizes the productivity of the members of the NEF.  They are looking to galvanize the affinity groups in all of DOT and looking to increase the diversity within DOT and its Senior Executive Service (SES) positions.  Note:  In the FAA these are called Federal Executive Service (FES) positions. 

Some of the items we discussed are 1. Educating people on what it means to be an SES/FES, 2. Leadership training – take out the fear, 3.  DOT has a new Veterans affinity group and they have a pilot program providing a coach for the group, 4.  Ensuring FES opportunities have the correct language in the bids for air traffic to know qualification equivalents, 5.  DOT is considering a forum similar to the NEF.

This is all a result of President Obama’s Executive Order – Strengthening the Senior Executive Service, which he signed on December 15, 2015.  For the full article go to,

PWC Conference:  April 25-28, 2016.  We did get more rooms added to our block, but that room block is filling up rapidly and the cut off for our block rate is APRIL 1.  After that date it will be the prevailing rack rate.  If you are having issues you can contact me or our National Conference Chair, Kurt Proctor, at ASAP.  The same goes for anyone who might be cancelling room nights so we can see if someone else can use them.

Patti Wilson