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Home President's Corner * Updates * November 16, 2015

Good Morning,

On 11-16-2015 I met with Nora Bialek (Acting Deputy VP ATS) and Jeff Planty (Acting Deputy VP Tech Ops) about compliance with HRPM WLB 12.8.  Mr. Planty has taken the lead on this issue and is truly our champion on this item.  Below is the information he briefed.  Also job opportunities and conference information.  Be sure to save the dates, April 25-28, 2016!

Supporting Policies:

•H.R. 3590, “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”

Sec. 4207 Reasonable Break Time for Nursing Mothers

•FAA Policy: Human Resource Policy Manual (HPRM)

Volume 12: Work Life and Benefits (WLB); 12.8 – FAA Nursing Mothers Program

•2013 NATCA Agreement – Article 31, Section 5 – Child Care

•2013 PASS Agreement – Article 109, Section 6 – Child Care, Prenatal/Infant Care

En Route Facilities:

•Incorporated a standard space allocation for Nursing Mother’s rooms in the last update to Facility Interface Order, 6470.33B
•A standard configuration and location were incorporated in the last approved revision to the Standard End State Equipment Layout Drawings, Target Year 2020
–This revision was approved per CCD #N34931 on March 14, 2014
•Specific locations for each facility are being, and will be, identified and baselined in the Site Specific End State Equipment Layout drawings, Target Year 2020, which are currently being developed
•Based on the space allocation provided in 6470.33B, many of the En Route facilities have established lactation rooms through agreements with local unions
–Some of the rooms that were established required small rehab projects, which were funded from our sustain budget
Terminal Facilities:
•In existing facilities, lactation space is negotiated and provided locally as needed, per NATCA MOU Article 7 briefing
•Facilities commissioned in recent years may or may not have provided a dedicated space because NMP Policy is a newer requirement (established in 2013)
–When required, space is provided through agreements with the local unions
•Recent Projects (CLT, LAS, and CLE) have identified a private, dedicated space in the facility that will meet the requirements for nursing mothers
•An update to Terminal Standard Designs is underway and includes a dedicated space on standard floor plans
–The space will be a private room with a lockable door and include an outlet and a sink with a countertop
Next Steps:
•Obtain information from facilities on how accommodations are made for nursing mothers
–Due to the large number of terminal facilities, we anticipate approximately 60 days to compile this data
–If nursing mother’s rooms have been established,  determine whether the locations are in permanent or temporary space
•Compile data and identify shortfalls and deficiencies
•Determine what is needed for all facilities to meet requirements
•Investigate provision of a “Nursing Mother’s kit” (e.g. door sign, small table, etc.) to use at facilities without dedicated space
•Research best practices from other federal agencies with successful Nursing Mother’s programs

•AJW-2 plans to complete the Next Steps by January 30, 2016