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September Board of Directors Meeting Update


This update contains a variety of information.

September Meeting

The September Board of Directors (BOD) meeting was in Kansas City.  The first day we were at Kansas City ARTCC.  We bought five dozen doughnuts as a thank you for hosting us.  We also hosted our first telcon training session with Barbara Teicher on “The Five Reasons People Don’t Like You”.  She focused on just one for our 30-minute session.  In the afternoon we provided IDP training and we had a great social at Old Chicago that evening.  The next day we were at Kansas City ATCT (MCI).  We provided pizza for lunch at the facility and talked with the controllers about PWC goals, specifically our work on paid family leave.  During the two day meeting we also joined by Livingston Federal, AFLAC and FAA Office of Communication (AOC).  Thank you to both the facilities for hosting us and our special guests.

PWC Goals:

1.      Paid Family Leave – We are working with NATCA, FAA Employee Associations (EA), Federally Employed Women (FEW) and FAAMA for support on this issue.  I have talked to COO Teri Bristol and I have a meeting with AHR-1 Annie Andrews early next month.

2.      Increasing Visibility – We have a full page ad in the international ATCA journal in the 4th quarter edition.  We committed to support/participate in 12 STEM/ACE events this year.  So far we are doing three WAI Girls in Aviation Day (GIAD) in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and D.C.  I shared this goal with Chief Learning Officer Melissa King and Program Manager for STEM AVSED Joe Kools to lend our support.  Our long term goal is to learn the best practices so we can start hosting our own.

3.      Website – the website is awesome!  Our website administrator is Jennifer Lemmon and she has been adding lots of wonderful resources to the site and updating information.  She is also working on getting our PWC store up and running.

Lactation Rooms:

Although we consider this goal met last year I am still receiving questions from the field.  If your lactation room is not in compliance with the HRPM please let me know.  This is usually an education issue.

National Training Conference:

It is time to bid leave.  Consider spending your vacation in Maine in conjunction with attending the conference.  I totally fell in love with the state when we visited, it has miles of waterfront property and it is just beautiful.  I also ate lots of fresh lobster and I do mean fresh since they catch it there.  Not only is it fresh but it was only $15.99 lb when I was there a few months ago.  YUM.


The digital edition of the WATCH was sent out via email to all members, posted on our Facebook page and website.  If you didn’t get it, please check your spam folder or verify your email address with us.  I received feedback that some people had words overlapping pictures, etc.  After researching, try cleaning out cookies and cache. 

Regional Director Vacancy:

Pam Teasley, our Eastern Regional Director is stepping down from the position.  If you are interested in assuming this position, please provide the following to me or email

1.      Nominee's FAA/Air Traffic background.

2.      Nominee's organizational (both PWC and others) background.

3.      Other information nominee considers important. (training, skills, experiences, etc.)

4.      "I am interested in (becoming/continuing as/returning as) a member of the PWC Board of Directors because ...."

5.      "As a member of the PWC Board of Directors, I would like to ...."

Because this is mid-term this is a president appointed and BOD approved position.  The Alaska and New England Regional Director positions are also vacant.

FAA Job Opps

ATCS, Technical Advisory Group (TAG), AJT-2200

Job Announcement:  ACT-AJT-16-TP2200-49124

Closes:  09/30/2016

Full Time-Permanent, Washington DC

ATCS, Senior Advisor

Job Announcement:  ACT-AJT-16-TP2000-48955

Closes:  09/26/2016

Full Time-Permanent, Washington DC

Thank you

Patti Wilson

PWC President