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Breaking Records and Getting in Touch at OshKosh

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Hi everyone,

One of the reasons I make it a point of going to Oshkosh for the extraordinary annual fly-in is because I can see how our work affects the general aviation pilots who use our national airspace system every day.

Nerves of Steel - Tammie Jo Shults

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SWA Captain Tammie Jo Shults - many of us had the pleasure of hearing Tammie Jo speak at this past years Women in Aviation conference.  PWC has been offered a wonderful opportunity. PWC members are able to download the first 4 chapters of Tammie Jo Shults's upcoming book for free at  Stay tuned for further exciting news 

Lessons from Apollo 11, Because They are Hard

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Hi everyone,

I’ve enjoyed reading the 50th anniversary stories about Apollo 11, reflecting on the nation’s decision to land on the moon and attempt other revolutionary activities “not because they are easy, but because they are hard,” as President Kennedy said at the time. One article estimated that it took 300,000 people from a partnership of government and private industry – as well as support from the public – to pull it off.

World Cup Soccer Champs and Learning Leadership Skills

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Hi everyone,

I’m still in awe of the impressive run by the U.S. women’s soccer team, and marveling at all the records they broke on the way to their World Cup victory. I laughed when I read an article that said Rose Lavelle’s goal in the final game practically left a contrail! These athletes have inspired so many of us with their determination, grit and spirit.

Maternity Leave

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Ever have questions about what paperwork you needed to file, what articles help give you guidance or just how to go about planning your Maternity Leave.

Join PWC!

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As part of the National Employee Forum, PWC leadership meets on a quarterly basis with FAA Headquarters executives, including at times the FAA Administrator, to discuss policies and issues impacting FAA employees. This avenue keeps PWC at the forefront of change and provides an opportunity to dialogue on areas that can impact the interests of PWC membership.