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Service Your Furnace and Change the Batteries in Your Smoke Alarm

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As a homeowner, I find it’s easy to get excited about installing new backsplash or replacing an appliance with one that has more bells and whistles.  I admit, I’m not as enthusiastic when I have to service my furnace or upgrade the electrical box. Still, I understand that this basic maintenance is actually what sustains the value of my home and preserves its long-term health.

Check Your Sports App For Daily Performance Assessments

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If you check sports recaps every day, you’re accustomed to seeing players and coaches talk about what they did right and what they did wrong after every single performance. Their stats are shown in a box score. And a commentator is probably providing some additional analysis – debating whether the Washington Nationals should have tapped Max Scherzer to pitch in the wildcard game against Milwaukee this week, for example. You have to have a thick skin for that kind of scrutiny unless you’re the player starring on the highlight reel!

Lights Out? Runway Closed? Providing Better Notices

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These days, we all feel bombarded with information – news and weather alerts on our phones, sales pitches in our inboxes, posts in our social media feeds and more. It’s so much from so many sources, it’s hard to sort out what’s important.

Nerves of Steel - Tammie Jo Shults

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SWA Captain Tammie Jo Shults - many of us had the pleasure of hearing Tammie Jo speak at this past years Women in Aviation conference.  PWC has been offered a wonderful opportunity. PWC members are able to download the first 4 chapters of Tammie Jo Shults's upcoming book for free at  Stay tuned for further exciting news 

Maternity Leave

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Ever have questions about what paperwork you needed to file, what articles help give you guidance or just how to go about planning your Maternity Leave.

Join PWC!

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As part of the National Employee Forum, PWC leadership meets on a quarterly basis with FAA Headquarters executives, including at times the FAA Administrator, to discuss policies and issues impacting FAA employees. This avenue keeps PWC at the forefront of change and provides an opportunity to dialogue on areas that can impact the interests of PWC membership.