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Ramen Noodles and Other Calamities to Learn From

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When my kids were young and they got a little banged up by falling off a scooter or pulling food out of the microwave when it was too hot, I figured they had been a bit clumsy or careless. But new studies by safety researchers tell us these incidents are actually part of larger epidemics seen in emergency rooms nationwide, and they encourage us to develop precautions.

Tina Fey Explains Positive Influences of Great Bosses, “How to Get the Eggs”

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There’s an interesting passage in comedian Tina Fey’s bestselling book “Bossypants,” where she talks about what she learned from Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels. The former SNL star said she was struck by the way Lorne would connect with his whole team, even performers she perceived as a bit too needy. Lorne was infinitely patient with those writers and actors because he knew they were still capable of turning out the best work, and they produced for him. “He knew how to get the eggs,” Tina wrote.

Unmanned, Remote, Supersonic and Other Stuff in the FAA Reauthorization

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This is a time of year when we often consider expenses like how much we should spend on holiday gifts, whether we can afford to travel, and how to support charitable organizations as we weigh everyday needs. Imagine how much harder it would be to plan for the coming year if you didn’t know what your obligations or salary would be.

Coexisting with Bicycles and Vertical Launch Vehicles with Fly-Back Boosters

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I like seeing bike lanes painted along the right side of the road because they encourage healthy commuting and are designed to keep cyclists like my son safer from collisions with motorists and pedestrians. But like many motorists, I’m a little hesitant when driving near them because the rule in Washington says I should merge into the bike line to make a right turn, and I worry about whether a cyclist will see my turn signal.

Tighten the Lug Nuts and Check the Tire Pressure

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When I was growing up, my parents insisted that my four brothers and I learn how to change a tire in case our family car ever got a flat while we were away from home. My father showed us how to make sure the jack was stable and that the lug nuts were tight enough, and insisted we never crawl under the car when it was jacked up. He shared stories about people who had gotten hurt by doing it the wrong way, or stranded because they didn’t know how. What he instilled in us was an understanding that not only could we severely damage the car if we did it wrong, but we could also badly injure ourselves.

Maternity Leave

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Ever have questions about what paperwork you needed to file, what articles help give you guidance or just how to go about planning your Maternity Leave.

Join PWC!

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As part of the National Employee Forum, PWC leadership meets on a quarterly basis with FAA Headquarters executives, including at times the FAA Administrator, to discuss policies and issues impacting FAA employees. This avenue keeps PWC at the forefront of change and provides an opportunity to dialogue on areas that can impact the interests of PWC membership.

4th of July

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As we celebrate, let’s be sure and reflect on the freedoms that we as Americans believe in, such as the right to free speech, free enterprise and the freedom to govern ourselves. 


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No matter what your particular position is in the organization, you can influence those positive outcomes.   In other words, it’s about personal power, not positional power.  Personal power is what drives our strategic success in the key priority areas of safety risk mitigation, NextGen implementation, integrating new users, and shaping global aviation.  This kind of leadership at all levels requires us to positively influence the people we work with – our employees, our bosses, our co-workers and our customers.