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Event date: 6/14/2019 - 6/17/2019 Export event
Jenn Lemmon
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New Hire Bid

We want to let you know that the FAA plans to open a no experience public job vacancy announcement for air traffic control specialist trainees. The announcement will appear on and is scheduled to be open from June 14th – 17th; however, that time could be modified based on the number of applications received. We wanted you to have advance notice so that you can spread the word to interested potential candidates.  The official job vacancy announcement will list the specific eligibility requirements when it is posted online.

Prospective candidates need to read through the entire job vacancy announcement to understand how to apply and the required documents. The announcement will include a requirement that a prospective candidate be no older than 31 on the date the application period closes.  They must also meet other eligibility requirements included in the online announcement. Applicants should set up their USAJOBS account to provide email updates so that they will receive an email notification with any change in status of their application. Prospective candidates interested in the position need to carefully read the announcement and provide all the information required in the vacancy announcement. The position is highly competitive.

Frequently asked questions

What can applicants expect next?

After submitting an application, a prospective candidate for a FAA position is first evaluated using our Automated Vacancy Information Access Tool for Online Referral System. It reviews the basic eligibility requirements of the position. If the candidate is found to be eligible, FAA human resources personnel examine the candidate’s skills and experience as described in their application with the requirements of the position.  Applicants meeting minimum qualifications are then scheduled to complete the Air Traffic Skills Assessment (ATSA).  Applicants that pass the ATSA are referred for selection consideration.

How do I find out about the status of my application?

Check the USAJOBS account to get updates on the status of the application. It will tell you if you have submitted the documents correctly and allow you to resubmit the information.  After the announcement closes, the USAJOBS automated system can provide updates. 

What are the pre-employment tests?

Those applicants considered for selection will be required to take and pass a pre-employment Air Traffic Skills Assessment (ATSA) at a designated test site. If more applicants pass the assessment than needed to fill available Academy seats, not all candidates will be selected. Candidates must also pass a pre-employment medical examination, which includes psychological screening and drug screening.  They must also pass a security investigation before becoming a trainee and attending courses at the FAA Academy. If successful at this stage, they will receive an offer to enter training.

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