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Jenn Lemmon
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Lights Out? Runway Closed? Providing Better Notices

Imagine that kind of scenario for the pilots in our national airspace system – too much information can become a safety problem. That’s why we’ve decided to overhaul the way we coordinate and provide aeronautical information and notices to airmen (NOTAMs). We have to make sure pilots know what’s important to their flight plans -- and that isn’t always obvious if they have a stack of NOTAMs.

This transformation is one of the most important safety initiatives we’ve undertaken in recent years.

It’s important for us to have a single governing office that holds responsibility for NOTAM policy. That will help us reduce redundancy and conflicting information, and we plan to add clarity to our notices too.

We also expect to have a single technology gateway that members of the public, airports or other users will go to for entering or retrieving NOTAMs and for the ATO to disseminate the notices. We plan to have that technology in place by next June.

The information will be more valuable because it will be machine-readable, sortable, filterable and archivable, which Congress asked us to do in the latest reauthorization.

In another step, we plan to adopt one of the internationally accepted ways of sorting the information to help pilots, dispatchers, controllers and others even more as they prioritize what they need.

Our team has been busy educating pilots, other key stakeholders and the media with an aggressive outreach strategy so everyone will be ready to use the improved system, including our own workforce.

This NOTAM modernization initiative is a great example of collaboration among every one of our service units, as well as other FAA lines of business, other government agencies and members of the aviation industry. Everyone is working together to ensure success!

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