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          Hi everyone.  Public Service Recognition Week starts on Monday, May 1st.  It’s a time to honor the people who serve our nation as federal, state, county and local government employees. 

          I want to take this moment to thank ATO employees for everything you do to support the FAA's mission to ensure the safest, most efficient airspace system in the world.  Our system powers the mobility, freedom and commerce of American aviation.  Every day, we move about 50,000 flights, serving more than 2 million passengers per day. 

          We’re driving down safety risk through many efforts such as the Top 5 Hazard List, Partnership For Safety, Recurrent Training and others.  We’re modernizing the system through key foundational NextGen programs.  After completing the infrastructure for ADS-B and ERAM, we continue to upgrade the automation systems in our terminal facilities through TAMR. 

          We’re also making steady progress on NextGen priority capabilities – increasing the availability and use of performance-based navigation, making multiple runway operations more efficient, improving surface operations and deploying Data Communications.  We’re taking key steps to integrate drones and commercial space operations into the system.  We’re also shaping global aviation and developing our future workforce. 

          The impressive, steady progress in these areas is a function of the skill, ingenuity, teamwork, and leadership demonstrated by our people, day in and day out. 

          I can't possibly recognize all the great accomplishments of our employees in a short message like this.  So, I am happy to announce that on Monday, May 2nd, the nomination period opens for the 2016 ATO NAS First, People Always awards.  This is a chance to recognize your colleagues for their dedication, professionalism and accomplishments in support of our mission.  You can submit your nomination electronically this year, by visiting Also, be sure and check out Focus FAA where we’ll be highlighting great work done by our employees throughout the Public Service Recognition Week.        

          This year, our nation will elect a new President and a new Congress.  These successful transitions depend on dedicated public professionals at every level meeting the diverse needs of our great nation.  Because of you, we’re doing our part by designing, maintaining and operating an outstanding and safe airspace system!   

Thanks everyone!



Teri L. Bristol

ATO Chief Operating Officer