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Professional Women Controller’s Education & Career Development Program

Education & Career Development

Welcome to the Professional Women Controller’s Education and Career Development Page! This site has been developed to provide you with information on employment opportunities in the FAA, career development while employed with the FAA and to provide educational resources that are available to you. Additionally, this site is used to highlight College Training Initiative Schools around the country that offer an FAA approved air traffic degree program. We hope that you find this site helpful, useful and informative. If you have any questions on anything located on this page, please feel free to contact us. We are always looking for new information and resources to improve our careers!

For the Learning Institution/Career Center

We are offering our members to be a Subject Matter Expert for you in the field of air traffic control and employment with the FAA. If your institution/business has a need for someone to come speak to your co-workers, colleagues, students, etc., please let me know. We are very passionate about the National Airspace System and keeping it as the safest system in the world. We would love to come and speak on how rewarding this career field is and what is required to work in it. We will work with you personally to ensure that we have on hand a number of volunteers that can address any questions you may have on the air traffic control field. Please allow us 2 – 3 months’ notice of any special engagement you would like us to speak. Many of our volunteers are on rotating shift schedules and need as much time as possible to request to be removed from the schedule to attend your event.

For the Member

Are you looking for new ways to volunteer with PWC? Would you like to participate in something that requires little time but offers great rewards? If so, then becoming a PWC resource for colleges’ students might be the perfect fit for you! We are looking for members who are passionate about air traffic control, knowledgeable about field training and experience and who are willing to visit high schools, CTI schools and attend various career fair events in their area. Some events may occur in the late afternoon or early evening hours. Each visit would be no longer than two or three hours of your time. We are working on compiling a list of PWC volunteers throughout the country, assigned to specific regions and/or cities. If you are interested, please send us your name, number, address and email account so we can keep in touch with you.