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PWC Mentor Program

On October 30, 2009, we briefed the Assistant Administrator for Human Resource Management, Ventris Gibson (AHR-1), on the national FAA Mentor Program's benefits and expectations. These co-align with the objectives that the Technical Women’s Organization and Professional Women Controllers’ representatives discussed at a joint meeting held in 2007 with AHR to begin the national effort. We also worked with the Air Traffic Organization’s (ATO) Office of Model Workplace and Diversity to garner funding for the program. We received support from Administrator Randy Babbitt in this effort. Administrator Babbitt discussed the positive benefits of mentoring in his interview with Gerry Lavey which can be found on line at

The PWC Mentor Program

Is an official learning event in eLMS. Mentees and mentors will earn up to 24 hours for participating in the program. Search for this course under "FAA Mentor" or "30200435."

  • Has a new brochure explaining the program and highlighting the benefits. These brochures are available from Lynette Jamison.
  • Is funded by the ATO Office of Model Workplace and Diversity, AJG-9. Patrice Tyree is the point of contact.
  • Has access to an on-line mentoring tool. This resource is great for mentoring in the field, promotes networking, and provides a library of references.
  • Is open to all FAA employees, at any point in their career and at any grade level. With an increased commitment of individual workers, together we enhance our professional skills, and have a better prepared, better trained, safer, diverse workforce.

All previous coordinators and/or participants are encouraged to restart or continue their efforts in hosting or supporting the new National FAA Mentor Program. If you need assistance or are interested in participating in the program, please contact Lynette Jamison at 202-267-7424 or via email at

PWC FY-17 Mentor Program

Applications are being accepted for mentors and mentees until October 20, 2017 for the PWC FY-18 Mentor Program. 

The structured program allows mentees and mentors to learn about themselves and the FAA including:

·        Mentee-mentor relationships that offers a mirror for insight and assistance with personal and professional paths

·        Activities that develop and/or improve competencies, skills and abilities of program participants

·        Awareness of career planning processes and tools for implementing a meaningful goal-oriented career development plan

·        Cross-organizational information and a support network that increases the opportunity for insight, learning and growth

·        Better understanding of the FAA, its organizational structure and the agency culture

The duration of the program will be for approximately 6 months.  All the training events will be held at the FAA headquarter buildings. The Lunch and Learns will be scheduled during lunch hour (12: pm – 1:00 pm on a Wednesday and/or a Thursday). Group Projects or facility tours may be half to full days. The first event – a Meet and Greet will be held on Thursday, December 7, 2017 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm in Washington D.C. in Building 10B, 1A - C# 25360.

Lunch and learn topics may include:

·        Personal goals and decision making

·        Everyday plain language

·        Individual Development Plan (IDP) training

·        FAA organizational structure

·        Resume building

·        Effective presentations

·        Leadership skills

·        Diversity and inclusion

Group Projects may include the following tours:

·        Reagan National Air Traffic Control Tower (DCA)

·        Atlantic City (ACY) Tech Center

·        Command Center

·        Potomac TRACON

·        Washington Operations Center (WOC)

·        Transportation hearings on Capitol Hill

·        College Park Air Park

We are currently accepting mentee and mentor applications. For applications or more information, please contact:

·        Lynette Jamison

·        Karleen Hagan

·        Surekha Bhandari

·        Carolyn Meushaw

Whether your career plans are to move forward or to grow where you are, you will find valuable training and networking opportunities as a participant of the Mentor Program!