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2017 PWC Scholarship Winners

This year the PWC Scholarship Committee awarded five PWC Scholarships for $1,000 each. Enjoy reading about these wonderful applicants!

Amanda Hansmann wins a PWC Family Member Scholarship: Amanda is member Glen Hansmann’s daughter. Her goal is to become a Pediatrician. She’s currently completing her first year at University of Minnesota, Morris in a pre-med program, on the Dean’s List with a 4.0 GPA. Amanda hopes to use the scholarship to participate in Gap Medics, a medical internship program in Latin America, Thailand, or Europe. Amanda is active in her church, and last summer went on a mission trip to Guatemala. Her involvement in college includes being a horse handler in Saddle Club; doing community service with ‘Students Today, Leaders Forever;’ the Alpine Club; and intramural soccer. She volunteers at the Morris Academic Center for Enrichment, at the Stevens Community Medical Center, and at the nursery at her church. Her letters of recommendation describe Amanda as thoughtful, committed, hard-working, determined, an excellent student leader, and very involved in both schoolwork and her community. It’s great to know that PWC is contributing to such a bright future!  Thank you to PWC Sponsor GEHA for supporting this scholarship

Karl Atlagovich wins a PWC Family Member Scholarship: Karl, member Connie Atlagovich’s son, will be attending Kent State University in the fall, studying computer security; his goal is to work in cybersecurity and unmanned aerial systems (UAS). He has already completed 18 college credits while in high school. His letters of recommendation describe him as compassionate; a team player; a camp counselor with good judgment, patience and kindness, able to work with others of all ages. Karl supports diversity in all aspects of life; he says it builds stronger communities and better work environments. In Karl’s essay, he wrote about how much he’s learned from his mother’s air traffic control career, and her involvement with PWC. It’s beautiful to realize the impact PWC is having on so many generations! Thank you to PWC Sponsor Skyone for supporting this scholarship.

Robert Lohlein wins a PWC Family Member Scholarship: Robert is member Maria Hofbauer’s son. He’s already earned a BS in Health Science, and is almost halfway through a yearlong accelerated nursing program that will be a BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Robert says he’s an introvert who dislikes the spotlight, yet realized he needed to challenge himself and overcome social hesitations, so he took it on - joining both the debate team and wrestling team for four years of high school. In college he chose nursing as a career path, becoming a Nursing Assistant and First Responder while working on his degree. After his first BS, he took a job with the Telemedicine Company, working in his field of study with doctors around the world, connecting them with doctors in the U.S. which monitor and assist with real-time surgeries using computer screens and state-of-the-art technology. Robert’s long-term goal is to work with veterans at a VA hospital, giving back to them, as they have inspired him - to move forward in spite of obstacles. His letters of recommendation paint a picture of a man whose life is dedicated to service. Robert wrote in his essay, “From what I understand, PWC is an organization whose main focus is giving people an opportunity to accomplish things otherwise not possible. This may be PWC’s moment to assist me, but one day it will by my turn to give back to PWC and others.” That’s what our scholarship program is all about, Robert!

Kristy Harmison wins a PWC Recruitment Scholarship: Kristy will begin her college career at Middle Tennessee State University in August, studying Aerospace (Flight Dispatching) and Air Traffic Control. She’s ready; she’s been involved in her community throughout high school, volunteering at church, a member of the National Honor Society, playing Varsity soccer, building with Habitat for Humanity, and working two restaurant jobs all at the same time. Kristy’s long-term goal is to work at Atlanta tower (ATL - can someone get her a tour?). Her letters of recommendation describe her maturity, strength, and commitment; in her work with children she is patient, kind, and an excellent communicator. One wrote, “Kristy’s ability to manage multiple activities, academics, part-time employment, athletics and volunteering in a pleasant and responsible manner has been outstanding.” It sounds like she is a great candidate for air traffic control!

Ty’Niyah Harris wins a Jacque Smith Burdette Scholarship for a Career in Aviation: Ty’Niyah will start at Embry Riddle in the fall - in a dual enrollment program to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree at the same time. Her goal is to become a professional pilot. African-American women make up about 1% of women pilots in the U.S. Ty’Niyah is going to change that percentage - she speaks at Girls in Aviation Day and volunteers with ACE (Aviation Career Education) camps as a peer counselor. She just earned her private pilot’s license on 2/27/16 - Congratulations!! If we could include her entire application here, you would agree that this young woman has what it will take to achieve ANY goal she desires. She’s in the top 10% of her class; she works with the Atlanta chapter of Women in Aviation, Int’l; she’s a peer counselor in the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals; is a sign language interpreter; a member of the Debate Team; on the Varsity volleyball team and track and field; has attended the Tuskegee Airmen Aviation Career Training Program; a member of the Robotics Team (she was Cost & Mass Estimator for the team, which designed, 3D printed, and constructed an actual CubeSat prototype, the first ASTRO (Aerospace Summer Training and Research Opportunity) team to create a fully functioning model, which was then used to gather atmospheric data from 30,000’); she was awarded a Boeing Scholarship for Embry-Riddle’s “Astronautics Track” Aerospace Engineering summer program; she was awarded the Captain John Bailey Believers Award “in recognition of her dedication and enthusiasm displayed in achieving her dreams;” Ty’Niyah has been featured in several aviation publications; she speaks English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. She could fly a plane before she could drive a car. She is 17. Her email handle? “thestatusquowontfly”!! One letter of recommendation says, “She can be trusted in word and action, in planning and implementation, and in professional and personal dealings all to the highest standards.” Another describes her passion for aviation, another writes, “She is a leader, a calm and trustworthy personality that attracts others. Her positive attitude and joyous spirit engages others and is infectious. Her commitment to building bridges and spanning oceans is an inspiration to all who know this talented young woman.” Ty’Niyah is a worthy candidate who embodies the vision our co-founder, Jacque Smith Burdette, had when she created this special scholarship. THIS girl WILL fly!! She will be a wonderful airline captain!!