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2018 PWC Scholarship Winners

SARAH FLORES wins a PWC Recruitment Scholarship for $2,000. Sarah attends Mt. San Antonio College (MtSAC) CTI in Southern California, working on a dual degree in Aviation Science and Commercial Flight. She is involved with many groups: Women in Aviation, the college’s Student ATC Association, the 99’s. She is on the flying team working on her private pilot’s license. Her letters of recommendation describe her love and passion for aviation; her discipline and high level of preparation; her leadership skills, intellect, and friendly and charming manner. Sarah is focused on becoming an Air Traffic Controller, but has pursued many other avenues while she is waiting: this summer she’ll get a Dispatch License so she can work in the field while working on her Bachelor’s degree. Congratulations, Sarah! PWC is here for you before and after you are hired!


DANTE GABRIEL POVINELLI, son of PWC member Linda Dohrenwend, wins a PWC Family Member Scholarship for $2,000. Dante attends the University of New Hampshire, studying Economics. He is interested in macroeconomics and regulatory analysis. He works full-time over summers, has been a research and teaching assistant, volunteers with an adventure camp for kids with cancer, is a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon (the Int’l Honor Society in Economics) and the UNH Socratic Society. His letters of recommendation describe Dante as diligent, observant, and intellectually curious. Dante, our economy needs you and your new ideas!


OLIVIA TOMLINSON wins a PWC Recruitment Scholarship for $1,500. She attends Eastern Michigan University, studying Aviation Management Technology. She has passed the AT-SAT and is waiting to be hired! Olivia has used her time wisely, taking the initiative to create shadowing opportunities at Chicago O’Hare, Detroit Metro and Willow Run airport towers. Olivia’s extracurricular activities include fitness and charity; as a fitness instructor, she set up an event combining dance and fitness for pediatric cancer research. She volunteers at a nursing home and runs half-marathons! She has been a guest speaker at the Saline Alumni banquet where she received their scholarship. She was one of only a few females on drumline in high school (all of you in Marching Band know how tough that is to get into!), is a lifeguard at the Rec Center, is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Her letters of recommendation describe Olivia as fully engaged, driven, with a high work ethic, prompt, professional, sets impressive goals and meets or exceeds them. FAA, please hire Olivia ASAP!


KELSEY MCGRATH wins a PWC Recruitment Scholarship for $1,500. She attends Vaughn College of Aeronautic Engineering, Aviation, and Technology in Queens, NY. Kelsey’s passion for aviation has not wavered since her first Open House at Vaughn College. She’s earned the President’s List, the Dean’s List, and works as an instructor in the ATC Tower and Simulation Lab. Kelsey has a Plan B – she just completed her Flight Dispatch Certification, and hopes to widen her perspective on air traffic control working as a dispatcher. She attended the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) conference in 2016, visited NY Center, LaGuardia tower, and the New York TRACON, sparking a desire to work there! (Attn: FAA – you have a willing prospect here – snap her up!) Kelsey’s letters of recommendation describe her as a good citizen committed to academics, resourceful and responsible beyond her years. She has worked since she was fourteen, helping her family as much as she could: always there for her siblings and grandparents who live with her. Kelsey loves aviation so much she included a POEM with her essay – printed here separately. She has what it takes to succeed in ATC – and in life, whatever she chooses to pursue – but I hope the FAA hires her right away!!


JESSICA FISKE wins a PWC Recruitment Scholarship for $1,500. First: Jessica is almost 28 years old. HIRE HER NOW – there’s no time to waste!! She graduated with a B.S. in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University, then got an Associates Degree from MtSAC CTI in 2015. Jessica has been applying for each bid the FAA has put out, and though not hired yet, is determined to steer her own life, working as a Remote Pilot Operator (RPO) at the Ontario tower simulator (training new ATCSs), and continuing her flight training through instrument rating. She has her Private Pilot License and FAA Dispatch license. She left a better-paying job as Aircraft Charter Analyst to become an RPO because she wanted hands-on facility experience at a tower. Her letters of recommendation describe a young woman who is skilled and determined, with a high level of attention to detail and the ability to project and make critical decisions; a quick learner, a leader, and a hard-working flight student with a high work ethic. AGAIN: HIRE HER NOW!


SONIA JIMENEZ wins the Jacque Smith Burdette Scholarship for a Career in Aviation for $1,500. Sonia became passionate about aviation five years ago while working as a flight attendant. She has a B.A. in Psychology from UCLA, and is working on a dual degree from MtSAC in Commercial Flight and Air Traffic Control. She has her Private Pilot License and is almost done training for her instrument rating, and going forward she is taking Flight Instructor classes, Multi-Engine Turbine Aircraft Operations, and Dispatch Operations, working towards a Commercial Pilot License. Her long goal is to become a commercial airline pilot. Sonia also tutors other students at MtSAC. Her letters of recommendation describe her as considerate, energetic, hardworking, and determined; “never been too tired to work two or three jobs at a time to pay for her education.” She works air shows, as a dispatcher, and encourages other student pilots. She is Secretary for the 99’s chapter. Our co-founder Jacque intended this scholarship for people like Sonia - who will do anything to be in their chosen field of aviation. We’re happy to support your dreams, Sonia!