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Senior Leadership Development Program

The FAA reached out to our Coalition to disseminate this message in regards to the Senior Leadership Development Program (SLDP). 


Here is the link to the FAA page;


Senior Leadership Development Program (SLDP):

The Senior Leadership Development Program (SLDP) is an agency-wide program designed to enhance the leadership abilities of high potential FAA senior managers. Through classroom and experiential learning and FAA-specific developmental opportunities, the program emphasizes collaboration and teamwork across the organization.

Core components include:

Ø  Structured assessment activities and multi-rater feedback to help identify your critical developmental activities

Ø  Professional coaching to identify effective learning activities and facilitate achievement of developmental objectives

Ø  Partnering with an FAA executive advisor who helps participants understand the organizational perspective and provides career developmental suggestions

Ø  Developing and implementing an Individual Development Plan (IDP) which identifies and addresses specific goals and objectives

Ø  Attending program workshops designed to build proficiency in key competency areas

Ø  Completing an external executive education course

Ø  Completing 90-120 days of developmental assignments or a comprehensive action learning project, depending on the career history and leadership experience of the participant

Ø  Participating as an active member of a leadership network within the cohort to identify FAA challenges that the network will collaborate to solve or advance on behalf of the FAA (3-5 different themes per 12-month period)

Ø  Actively participating in online forums or teleconferences and in study groups led by the Program Management team

Who may apply to the SLDP?

Ø  Applicants must be a full-time employee of the FAA assigned to a position at the K, L, or M-band level under the FAA Core Compensation Program or Level 4 under the Air Traffic MSS Pay System.

Ø  Applicants must have completed their 12-month managerial probation period.

Ø  Applicants must have a minimum of three years management experience including at least one year as: a Senior Manager reporting to an executive (FES); Federal, Military, or private sector equivalent; deputy to an executive or served as an L-band manager.

Ø  Applicants must receive endorsement by the executive to whom they report.

Ø  Applicants must be in good standing with the Agency, and must not be under FAA disciplinary review or have had negative findings from a prior FAA disciplinary action.

How do I apply?

Share your interest in SLDP participation with your executive and obtain their support.


Study the Executive Success ProfileProgram Guidelines, and Application Instructions.


Apply Online Today! The next application period will be open from February 2 - March 14, 2016.