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PWC was created in the late 1970's to focus on the needs that were not being met by the FAA.  Needs such as child care facilities, part time employment for women controllers, facility space for nursing,  changing perceptions that women are not good Controllers and yes, even fighting to be allowed inside the cockpit of an airline for a familiarization flight (yes it’s true, women were not always allowed to take familiarization flights). This was then. However, even now with 16.34% of women in the Controller GS-2152 workforce, some of these issues continue to prevail. Some of today’s concerns are related to the pursuit of standardized medical determinations from regional flight surgeons (from post child birth medications to menopause), a separate leave category for maternity (so sick leave isn’t used) and breaking the FAA ‘glass ceiling’.  Our sisterhood shares many common interests. 

As part of the National Employee Forum, PWC leadership meets on a quarterly basis with FAA Headquarters executives, including at times the FAA Administrator, to discuss policies and issues impacting FAA employees. This avenue keeps PWC at the forefront of change and provides an opportunity to dialogue on areas that can impact the interests of PWC membership.

PWC will help provide you with many skills, opportunities and the tools to catapult your interests towards achievable goals, personal and professional. We believe that PWC is an organization worth joining and may be the organization that closes the gap between you and your goals.

PWC provides yearly training conferences throughout the country.  In addition to being a bonding experience, these conferences offer current education on a variety of subjects (management, finance, computer skills, ethics, aviation interests, balancing life and work, and motivational seminars).  These conferences are considered FAA training and as such, are granted excused absence.

Then there’s the PWC Scholarship Program… since 1991, these scholarships have assisted many women complete their higher education and rewarded their superior performance. PWC scholarships are available to undergraduate, graduate and technical students.  Scholarships amounts vary year to year. Some years, PWC has given as much as $10,000 in scholarship awards to members and their children.

If you are already a member, thank you, and please share PWC with other women Controllers that you believe will benefit from this organization.  As women, in a traditionally male career, we should collaborate with each other towards each other’s success. Every day, we work earnestly towards proving to ourselves our abilities and capabilities.

PWC is genuinely humbled to be with a group of extremely capable women that chose a distinctive career path. To these exceptional women, we urge you to pass your ATC experience to the younger group of rising stars - the new generation of women controllers. To those just starting in ATC, congratulations, you’ve chosen well.  Let’s learn from each other and let’s mentor women that aspire to become Air Traffic Controllers. PWC must be kept viable for the current female controller workforce and the future generations of women Controllers. 

PWC has been the sisterhood that has never let any of us down.  Please seriously think about joining PWC.  It’s only $12 per pay period (about the cost of a Starbucks Venti frap and croisant).