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Nomination Form

In 2019 the following offices are up for election: President, Secretary and Membership Director and the Regional Director offices for the following regions:  Eastern, Great Lakes, Central and Alaska.  You may nominate yourself or someone else. The nominee must have the following qualifications for office:

  • President - three consecutive years of active membership in the organization plus experience with the organization’s Board of Directors as either an elected or appointed officer or as a national committee chair.
  • Secretary and Membership Director: one (1) year of active membership in the Organization.
  • Regional Director: one year of active membership in the organization.

All nominees must sign their form for it to be valid. Each term of office is two years will be from June 1 through May 31. May shall be used as a transition month for these elected positions.


On a separate sheet of paper, respond to the items below. The information you provide will be used as part of the ballot package. Type answers, and spell out any unusual contractions. Be brief but complete. Questions 1 through 3 shall be in narrative form in the third person. Questions 4 and 5 will be printed as quotes.

  1. Nominee's FAA/Air Traffic background.
  2. Nominee's organizational (both PWC and others) background.
  3. Other information nominee considers important. (training, skills, experiences, etc.)
  4. "I am interested in (becoming/continuing as/returning as) a member of the PWC Board of Directors because ...."
  5. "As a member of the PWC Board of Directors, I would like to ...."

Submit completed nomination form, along with narrative statement to the email address below to be received by February 16. The nominee will be sent an acknowledgment confirming receipt of the nomination and a list of general campaign guidelines.

Please plan to attend transition training for half a day the day after the conference (if elected).

Email: &