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Eastern Region

Kelley Kohring - Eastern Regional Director


Kelley is a retired air traffic controller working for Human Solutions Inc. (HSI) in Washington DC.  She provides contract support for Terminal Standards and Procedures (AJV-82), Mission Support Services, FAA Headquarters.  Kelley started her FAA career in Oklahoma City in January 1992 and was in the very last input to go through the “old” controller screen process.  Kelley's first certification was at the Peoria ATCT/TRACON, then requested an Employee Requested Reassignment (ERR) from Peoria, IL to Youngstown, OH.  Kelley was picked up at the Cleveland Hopkins International ATCT/TRACON until she became a frontline manager at Cleveland in 2009; worked as the acting Support Manager in Cleveland then in June, 2014, Kelley started a detail at Terminal Standards and Procedures, Mission Support Services, HQ, Washington DC.  When her detail ended, Kelley went back to Cleveland, helped with moving into a brand new Tower/TRACON and then promptly retired on Halloween, 2015.  

Kelley didn’t know very much about PWC prior to starting my detail at headquarters.  Then Kelley met Patti Wilson.  Patti was on detail at FAA HQs the same time.  Patti’s passion for the organization inspired me to get involved.  Kelley had always known that the number of female controllers was small.  This did not change much over the course of my career.  Kelley is enjoying working after retirement and look forward to promoting PWC’s mission and goals.  

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Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and Marlyand.

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