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Northwest Mountain Region

Aimee Wright Shingleton – Northwest Mountain Regional Director


Aimee Wright Shingleton began her FAA career in Memphis Center in March of 2001.  She enjoyed a very successful career as a full performance level controller until selected as a Front-line Manger at Salt Lake Center in October of 2007.

Aimee has been a member of PWC since 2008 along with serving as the PWC Secretary from 2011-2015.  Her optimistic, outgoing and positive personality has her looking forward to becoming more involved in shaping the future of management in the FAA.

As the Northwest Regional Director, Aimee would like to see more knowledge of PWC in all levels of the FAA.  Aimee believes PWC is an outstanding way to benefit and develop yourself as a controller, a NATCA leader, a support specialist, a Supervisor or beyond.  Everyone has different career aspirations and goals which is why PWC is a wonderful association to belong to.  

Member States

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorada, Wyoming and Montana.

Northwest Mountain Regional Facilities

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Northwest Mountain Region News & Articles

November 18, 2016, as the newest Board of Director to the Northwest Mountain Region, I decided to invite current PWC members and prospective members to my home for some food, fun and new friends.  This atmosphere proved to be very relaxing allowing everyone to engage with each other, evolve in the conversation of PWC membership benefits, and excel the excitement of becoming part of a fantastic organization. 

Northwest Mountain Region had a total of 13 people show up for the event, 6 were current PWC members and happy to say the remaining 7 joined up by the end of the night.  Needless to say it was a very informative and productive night.  Northwest Mountain would like to welcome aboard: Kelly McElhaney, Megan Tolley, Merilee Sabino, Stacy Granley, Tracy Willden, TraCheri Jackson, Crystal Rogers.  Also members that signed up in the month of November are: Greg Bean, Isaac Lind, Brandee Coker.

As the Northwest Mountain Regional Director I learned that we as a professional organization need to get out there more and visit with our facilities, our members both current and prospective.  PWC is an organization that has so many benefits that many are not aware of.  There will be many new employees coming in that have bright futures ahead of them, let’s help them achieve those goals. 

Knowing that your Board of Directors is working hard for each and every one is extremely important and that’s what makes PWC who we are. The camaraderie we have, the networking available and the realization of balancing a family life while working in one of the most stressful jobs is by far something PWC stands proud of.

I would like to thank all of the members in my region for their continued support in promoting PWC.  I met with many individuals that became members because of your continuous efforts.  With my deepest sincerity, Thank You!