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Western Pacific Region

Micah Freeman - Western Pacific Regional Director


Micah Freeman began her FAA career at the Academy in October of 2009 and shortly thereafter at her first facility of Atlanta Air Route Traffic Control Center, which is the busiest center in the world. After an 8 year stint in Atlanta, Micah traded in the south for the west coast and currently works at Los Angeles Air Route Traffic Control Center as a Staff Support Specialist.  As a proud member of NATCA, she was able to represent them at the Inaugural Global Aviation Gender Summit and learn more about barriers women face around the world and initiatives being made to equalize the aviation industry. Micah became interested in becoming a member of the PWC Board of Directors because she wanted to bring a young perspective to the table.  Her passion is to see more of the younger generations of controllers get involved, because it is this workforce that will be affected for the next 10-20 years. 

Member States

California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.

Western Pacific Region Facilities

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