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Who is PWC

Mee Michelle Ems - CPC St. Petersburg/Clearwater Int'l Airport

Professional Women Controllers, Inc. are people like Michelle Ems of St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport, ATCT (PIE).  Here is her story of why she joined PWC and why she continues to encourage others to join.  Thank you, Michelle.

“Being new to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as an air traffic controller can be overwhelming, to say the least.  Not only do you have to learn the technical aspect of controlling airplanes but you must also learn other aspects of being a Federal Employee.  Like in any other profession, the first few years require a great amount of dedication and persistence in order to be a quality employee.  Becoming involved in professional organizations such as Professional Women Controllers, Inc. (PWC) can make the transition into the workforce that much smoother.  

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Meet Greg Bean, Operations Supervisor ZLC

Prior to joining the Professional Women Controllers, Inc. (PWC) and currently, I have been afforded the opportunity to work side by side with Aimee Shingleton, the Northwest Regional Director for PWC.  I was inspired by her dedication to the association.  PWC has broadened my knowledge of the air traffic profession, enhanced my networking, and has helped me introduce the aviation career field to my oldest daughter.  I have been a proud member of the PWC since 2014.

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Meet Eric Jennings 

My name is Eric Jennings and I AM PWC.  I have been an Air Traffic Controller for over 21 years; USMC (ATC), Contract Tower (SBP), FAA Terminal (NEW), and Enroute (ZHU, ZKC).  I have been a member of FAAMA for two years and I have served as president of my local 295 chapter for one year. I have also been a member of PWC for 1½ years.  I joined PWC after talking with colleagues and members; Christina Calvert, Christine Kooser, Nancy Thompson, and Lindsey Knox. They told me about PWC goals and vision and it aligned closely with my beliefs. I attended the PWC conference in 2015 in Kanas City and was impressed with their organization, professionalism, and purpose.

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Meet International PWC Member - Kate Nnena-Ibemgbo

Getting to being a member of PWC to me is like an icing on the otherwise delicious cake, it has made me a better and more determined person. My interactions from my first conference in New Orleans and subsequent conferences, friendships and relationships that have grown from that one singular contact have made me realize that there is a whole world of possibilities within and outside of ATC. It is my ardent hope and desire that PWC grows and spills over to the African continent, so that the sisterhood if I may call it that may be stronger and all encompassing. We the women Controllers in Nigeria and indeed Africa as a whole needs that continuous moral boost to make us get to the apex of our career and contribute positively to the growth of the aviation sector in Africa and world. 

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Meet James Sulton

James Sulton is a supervisory air traffic control specialist at Chicago TRACON in Elgin, Illinois. Prior to assuming this role, Sulton worked on the national Recurrent Training Program and in Quality Assurance at FAA headquarters, and as an air traffic control specialist at Potomac TRACON. 

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Meet Lisa Wixom

Professional Women Controllers are people like Lisa Wixom who is a controller at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). This is her story of how she got to where she is in her career, why she joined PWC and what she would like to see PWC do.

My name is Lisa Wixom, well until March 4th when I will become Lisa Bradfield.  I am marrying a controller here at CLT. I started my personal ATC career at Fort Smith Regional Airport in Arkansas (FSM), however I wanted to move east. My brother is a controller in ATL, and being close was always important to me. My life in Aviation started much earlier. 

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Meet PWC Member & Eastern Regional Director Kelley Kohring

I am a retired air traffic controller working for Human Solutions Inc. (HSI) in Washington DC.  I provide contract support for Terminal Standards and Procedures (AJV-82), Mission Support Services, FAA Headquarters.  I started my FAA career in Oklahoma City in January 1992.  I was in the very last input to go through the “old” controller screen process.  When I got to the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, it was busy with multiple inputs working their way through the process. 

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Meet PWC member Kaitlynn Cornett

Growing up I always loved going to work with my dad. Such a fascinating experience, especially at night when everything is lit up. But I really did not know what I wanted to do with my life until my senior year of high school. In February of 2012 I was with my family visiting friends in Chicago. My dad used to work at Palwaukee and we stopped by there one night to see a friend of his. That’s when it hit me, I want to be an air traffic controller. 

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Meet PWC Member Caryn Smith

My name is Caryn Smith and I am an air traffic controller at Salt Lake ARTCC. I started as an air traffic controller in the Air Force in 1994 and I've been at ZLC since 2003. 

I am currently the NATCA Utah state legislative coordinator as well as a mentee on the National Legislative Committee under the Northwest Mountain chair.  I also serve on the national core cadre team for Recurrent Training and I am the NATCA safety rep for ZLC.  And I do all of this in between sitting at the scope talking to airplanes, which is my original passion and why I do all the things I do!

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Meet PWC Member Katrina Smith

Hello my name is Katrina Smith. I started my ATC career in 2002 at Fort Wainwright ATCT, Alaska in the US Army on active duty.  I was subsequently stationed at Fort Hood ATCT, Texas and Al-Taji ATCT, Iraq.  In 2010, I joined the FAA at Hilo ATCT, Hawaii.  Following that, I became a Front Line Manager at Aurora ATCT, Illinois and am currently an Operations Supervisor at Chicago Center. I am a Warrant Officer Air Traffic Controller in the Pennsylvania National Guard and I have been a PWC member since 2014. 

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