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2017 Wrap Up

Taking a look back on this year, looking at all we have accomplished and still yet there is still so much to do.  PWC stands tall and proud for all we have accomplished as an organization.

President Patti Wilson did a podcast.

Link to podcast with show notes: https://www. lvcs-0031-patti-wilson

Here's a short link version:

CONFERENCE is coming soon April 23-26, 2018 in Old Town Alexandria Hilton in VA.  The agenda is coming together and it is really exciting.  Don't forget the TWA800  day trip on April 23, 2018.  All information is on the website.  The president of Federally Employed Women (FEW) Wanda Killingsworth will be there to discuss paid family leave and their progress.

• Lactation Rooms — Still educating this issue. Added HR Points of Contact (POCs) to our website for those who may not want to initially talk with your manager about options.  We are 100% compliance for lactation rooms in all facilities.

Scholarship deadline is rapidly approaching; minimum amount is $1000.  Our scholarships are merit based.

• Building relationships with our Sponsors; we recognize we cannot do this without their support, and we have been dedicated to an ongoing relationship throughout the year!

• Building relationships with NATCA, EAs, FAAMA — PWC attended Communicating for Safety (CFS) and FAAMA conferences.  We are also active participants in the National Employee Forum..

• Building relationships with private industry: HSI, JMA, CGH, Mitre, CSSI, Lockheed Martin, many of the companies are owned by women.

• PWC Mentor program continues to have great success in the D.C. area.

• Vacant position — Still working on filling the Alaska RD and numerous committee positions.  New England RD and Central RD positions were filled this year.  Elections are coming up and multiple positions will be coming open.

• STEM/ACE camps: PWC successfully held our first STEM-ACE camps of our own in Alaska.  PWC worked with SWA outreach program this September, and paired with other aviation days to promote air traffic control (ATC).  We have a goal of hosting 2 camps for 2018.  We have committed to Alaska and Maryland.  I have also reached to Hawaii to get the discussion started in the islands.

• Trademarking PWC name is still waiting, all paperwork submitted.

• 501c3 status update — PWC Foundation is still waiting, all paperwork is submitted.

All of this was not capable without the support and commitment from you, our members.  As we embark on 2018 coming around the corner, we can look forward to our upcoming celebration of 40 Years of PWC.  Our founders Sue Townsend & Jacque Smith have paved the way of encouraging women to enter the air traffic profession; assist in professional and personal development; maintain accountability, responsibility, and professionalism; and promote a better understanding, cooperation and coordination among individuals toward the continual improvement of aviation safety.  We, PWC, are very proud to honor that long standing commitment that Sue & Jacque started 40 years previous.