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Professional Women Controllers Inc
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Home President's Corner * Goals 2018- 19

2018 - 2019

I.     Increase outreach: 

a.    PWC will host two ACE/STEM Camps 

                       i.      Alaska Ace Camp 

.       b.   PWC will support 12 ACE/STEM Camps 

c.   PWC will contact at least 12 schools to establish a relationship for future events/career days.                 

II.     Encourage, support and promote model work environment principles.                                      

a.   Work with the Office of Civil Rights to provide at least three training opportunities to the membership on the model Equal Employment Opportunity         (EEO)/Work environment program.          

III.    Increase visibility                                     

  a.    Facilities: Visit 8 facilities.                                    

b.    International: Make one international visit.