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Interview Stream Tool

What is Interview Stream?

Interview Stream is a web-based tool that allows users to practice their interview skills by creating their own mock interviews. With access to this tool, employees can practice their interview skills and prepare for success. Interview Stream allows you to choose from over 7,000 interview questions, to create your own custom interview, save it, share it, and critique it for improving your interview skills. In addition, sets of questions can be developed for specific purposes such as providing practice questions for employees in succession planning programs.

The ATO Career Planning Program (CPP) is proud to offer this tool as another online resource for career planning and development, although it may not be used for selection for jobs, details, or competitive development programs. The Interview Stream Tool (IST) is intended for use by employees for development purposes only. This tool is especially useful for our operational employees in the field because it is available around the clock every day of the week through any computer or mobile device. IST is Section 508 compatible.

How Do I get Started?


Because this tool is being offered to FAA Employees, you will register with a email address. However, because Interview Stream is web-based, you will be able to access the tool outside of the FAA firewall anytime and anywhere from a desktop or laptop or mobile device.

  1. Register for your account     
  2. Once you've registered with your first and last name and created a password, your user name will be your email address and you are ready to access your personal Interview Stream profile.
  3. You can get started with a computer or laptop that is web cam enabled. This tool also offers a text only feature for users who do not have a webcam.

Mobile Device (Tablet or Smart Phone)

Download Instructions

1      Follow registration steps 1 & 2, from above.
2.     Download the InterviewStream Mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
3.     Open the App and select "I'm practicing"
4.     Log into the App using your registration login credentials
5.     Click the Assignments tab and select the assignment you’d like to participate in.