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HR Contacts

PWC understands that employees might not always be comfortable having family leave discussions with their direct supervisors. Ultimately, direct supervisors are the ones who authorize leave requests. The Assistant Administrator for Human Resource Management
 has provided a list of regional LER managers (below) who are available to help provide guidance to employees and their managers on leave options for individual situations.

PWC continues to look forward in continuing to partner with the office for Human Resource Management on ways to meet the needs of our employees and their families.

List of Regional LER Managers:


Eastern Service Area


AEA: Sandra Peets (718)553-3160

ANE: Stephen Meier (781) 238-7285

ASO: Gil Colston (404) 305-5371

WJHTC: Jackie Butler (609) 485-6681


Central Service Area


ACE: Cliff Lovelace: (816) 329-2652

AGL: Robert Madison (847) 294-7742

ASW: Gina Alcala (817) 222-5815

MMAC: Stephen Gill (405) 954-1859


Western Service Area


AAL:  Aleta Pillick: (907) 271-5370

ANM: Steve Alura (425) 227-2020

AWP: Bobby Rodriguez (310) 725-7840