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Child Care Program

Child Care Program

More families now qualify for the Child Care Program subsidy.
Action Alert - Family Leave

Action Alert - Family Leave

Professional Women Controllers, Inc. supports Paid Medical Leave and is asking our members to join with FEW and contact their legislators to support The Family Act.
"Flight into the Future"

"Flight into the Future"

If you have ever dreamed of flying or built a paper airplane, you have walked in the footsteps of the men and women who created the world of aviation as we know it today. Ideas were written on paper. Wooden and cloth models were built to test the designs before the actual balloons, gliders, and planes were built and tested by brave men and women in the air. Today, aircraft designers from all over the world work together, planning and testing their ideas on computers. As the designs take shape, engineers and manufactures built with the latest composites and other materials to make them lighter and more versatile than ever before to meet the needs of today’s flyers.



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Benefit & Retirement Planning

October 24

FERS Seminars  & Exit Strategies Seminar.  Join Livingston Federal on October 24th.  Register early to reserve your spot. 

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Who is PWC - Caryn Smith

Meet PWC Member Caryn Smith

My name is Caryn Smith and I am an air traffic controller at Salt Lake ARTCC. I started as an air traffic controller in the Air Force in 1994 and I've been at ZLC since 2003. 

I am currently the NATCA Utah state legislative coordinator as well as a mentee on the National Legislative Committee under the Northwest Mountain chair.  I also serve on the national core cadre team for Recurrent Training and I am the NATCA safety rep for ZLC.  And I do all of this in between sitting at the scope talking to airplanes, which is my original passion and why I do all the things I do!

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