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ATO Career Planning (IDP)

ATO Career Planning (IDP)

Taking Charge of Your Career Managing your career and choosing the best path toward achievement of your goals is always a challenge. It requires a combination of self-awareness, identifying your goals, and figuring out how to achieve them.


Tim Arel, conducted an outstanding presentation on ACUMEN, BASICS, and COMMUNICATION at the PWC Annual Training Conference in Phoenix, AZ.  He noted Business Acumen is one of the three components of the ATO Blueprint.

Art of Airport Tower

Art of Airport Tower

Join PWC and friends at the National Air and Space Museum for an Art of the Airport Tower display.
ATC Vision 100 FAQ

ATC Vision 100 FAQ

The following Q&A offers the latest information on controller retirements and the status of the (OPM) inquiry.

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ATO Career Planning

August 2

ATO Career Planning Webinar 

Tuesday August 2, 2016 11am EST

ELMs course 103437

PWC After Work Event

July 14

Come out to Billy Baroo's Bar and Grill in Tukwila, WA to learn more about PWC and meet some great people.
PWC & Livingston Federal

July 19

Dallas...are you ready for retirement?  Join PWC & Livingston Federal to ensure you are ready to retire. 

BJ's Brewhouse  4:30-7

9401 Sage Meadow Trail 

Fort Worth TX 76177 (Near the new Regional Office)

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DASHO Awards

The safety and health of our employees is very important.  Vaughn Turner, our Vice President of Technical Operations, serves as the agency’s Designated Agency Safety and Health Official (DASHO).  He is responsible for standardizing employee safety activities throughout the FAA.  As part of the DASHO awards program, we honor employees who go above and beyond their normal duties to help us ensure a safe and healthy workplace.  Today, I want to highlight some of our previous award recipients.
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Flight Programs

The FAA’s Flight Programs are a key part of our mission to ensure the safest, most efficient airspace system in the world.  
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4th of July

As we celebrate, let’s be sure and reflect on the freedoms that we as Americans believe in, such as the right to free speech, free enterprise and the freedom to govern ourselves. 
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Data Communications

Last week, we met with the NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC) here in Washington DC.  The NAC is a forum where we can work with industry and labor to implement NextGen.  This collaboration has been essential to our success.  I want to recap some of the progress we discussed at the meeting
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Recurrent Training

The FAA-NATCA led Recurrent Training program is an essential way for them to reinforce their core skills while addressing national safety trends and local safety topics at their facilities.

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ATO Leadership

Hi everyone.  Last week, I talked about mid-cycle performance reviews, and the need to ask three key questions: What’s going great?  What can be improved?  What resources can we tap to strengthen our skills and abilities? 
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No matter what your particular position is in the organization, you can influence those positive outcomes.   In other words, it’s about personal power, not positional power.  Personal power is what drives our strategic success in the key priority areas of safety risk mitigation, NextGen implementation, integrating new users, and shaping global aviation.  This kind of leadership at all levels requires us to positively influence the people we work with – our employees, our bosses, our co-workers and our customers.   
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