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ATC Vision 100 FAQ

ATC Vision 100 FAQ

The following Q&A offers the latest information on controller retirements and the status of the (OPM) inquiry.

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December 6

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Manna Express was designed to benefit organizations at no extra cost to the participating members.  More than 300 gift cards/certificates are offered to PWC at a discounted rate.  YOU order the gift cards, paying face value, and the conference receives a percentage of the sales.  You’re going to shop anyway, so why not help the conference.

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Who is PWC - Eric Jennings

Meet Eric Jennings 

My name is Eric Jennings and I AM PWC.  I have been an Air Traffic Controller for over 21 years; USMC (ATC), Contract Tower (SBP), FAA Terminal (NEW), and Enroute (ZHU, ZKC).  I have been a member of FAAMA for two years and I have served as president of my local 295 chapter for one year. I have also been a member of PWC for 1½ years.  I joined PWC after talking with colleagues and members; Christina Calvert, Christine Kooser, Nancy Thompson, and Lindsey Knox. They told me about PWC goals and vision and it aligned closely with my beliefs. I attended the PWC conference in 2015 in Kanas City and was impressed with their organization, professionalism, and purpose.

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FY 17 Top 5 Hazards

The ATO’s Top 5 Hazard List is a key way in which we employ our Collect, Find, Fix safety approach.  We’ve recently determined the list items for Fiscal Year 2017.  This year, we’re tackling hazards involving: close encounters between IFR and VFR aircraft, NOTAM issuance and cancellation, NOTAM prioritization and filtering, runway flyovers, and aircraft landing on the wrong runway, on a taxiway, or at the wrong airport.  We’re developing corrective action plans for these items now
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ATO Succession Planning Program

I’ve previously shared with you information on our Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Succession Planning Program, or ATO-SPP—a program that offers a chance for employees to take charge of their learning and career development while also exploring valuable leadership opportunities. Two years ago, we successfully recruited applicants to form talent pools of aspiring Technical Operations Managers and facility level 10-12 Air Traffic Managers. Participants have had the unique experience of enhancing their professional skills and abilities to qualify for these mission-critical positions.
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All Things ATCA

I spoke at the Air Traffic Control Association conference at National Harbor, Maryland. I discussed much of the recent progress we’ve made to improve NAS performance, deploy NextGen and integrate drones and rockets into the NAS.
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Flight Program Operations

Hi everyone. In July, I discussed our plans to restructure and consolidate all of the agency’s flight programs. I’m proud to announce that our new ATO Flight Program Operations organization was officially stood up on October 2 – right on schedule. We achieved the Administrator’s goal to create a single organization responsible for all aspects of these operations.

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Year-End Reflections and a Fond Farewell

For many of us, September 30 is nothing more than the end of the month.  But this is a very busy time in the ATO.  I’d like to discuss some of the important budget work being done, discuss performance closeouts, and then end with a very special tribute.

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Drone Advisory Committee

The FAA’s new Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) held its first meeting here in Washington DC.  The DAC is a 35-member group representing interests such as industry, labor, and academia, and will help us prioritize and address the key issues affecting the integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the NAS.  These issues include how the proliferation of UAS can affect existing airspace users and the general public, and about how to ensure safe UAS operation within the NAS.

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The STARS Align at Largest TRACONs

The Terminal Automation Modernization/Replacement (TAMR) program is our effort to implement or substantially upgrade the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) at all terminal facilities throughout the NAS.
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Protecting Our Freedom

Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of 9/11.  None of us will ever forget where we were or what we were doing on that fateful morning.  The events that unfolded struck at the heart of our airspace system and our nation.  The anniversary reminds us that we have to remain vigilant against new and emerging threats to the NAS.
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ATO Leadership

Hi everyone.  Last week, I talked about mid-cycle performance reviews, and the need to ask three key questions: What’s going great?  What can be improved?  What resources can we tap to strengthen our skills and abilities? 
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