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Diversity & Training Week

January 29

Diversity & Inclusion is kicking off the new year with the launch of our 2nd edition EEO Training WeekEEO Training Week runs from January 29th thru February 2ndand is an opportunity to engage employees to participate in training offerings to not only receive credit for completion of coursework but learn about equal employment and contributing to a better workplace.

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Patti Wilson LIVE!

Patti Wilson on getting things done, decompressing + getting off the path to nowhere positive as an Air Traffic Controller. 

Kara Martin Snyder, Health & Lifestyle Strategist talks with our very own Patti Wilson.  One of the ways Kara supports women is through this podcast. Her job as host is to introduce you to women who are making an impact in the world without letting burnout slow them down. This episode’s guest is no exception. Back in April, the idea for this podcast came to Kara while she was plunked at the airport. Kara was wondering about what some of the most stressful jobs for women were. Bam! I immediately thought of air traffic controllers. Trying to track down a female professional controller was no easy feat. (Turns out, women are less than 20% of that workforce.) After several months of research, connecting, planning, and FAA approval - Kara is so excited to introduce us to this week’s guest, Patti Wilson!

Patti Wilson has been in the air traffic control industry for the past 29 years. She’s the Operations Manager at Northern California Terminal Radar Approach Control, and is currently in her second term as President of Professional Women Controllers. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also very involved in nonprofit work with Zonta International. She’s also a pistol deeply committed to pulling up a seat for more women at the aviation table.

Patti brings both a breadth and depth of experience and wisdom to our conversation. She paints a picture of what being an air traffic controller is like (the good, the stressful and the invisible to us non-controller folks). She also talks about the difference between communication at work versus everyday conversations (like the risk of talking to people in bullet points and commands outside of work). We also cover staying humble, handling stress, and giving/receiving feedback.

You’re now cleared for listening takeoff. So, go ahead and switch to listening to this podcast on your favorite smartphone or listening device.


Who is PWC - Caryn Smith

Meet PWC Member Caryn Smith

My name is Caryn Smith and I am an air traffic controller at Salt Lake ARTCC. I started as an air traffic controller in the Air Force in 1994 and I've been at ZLC since 2003. 

I am currently the NATCA Utah state legislative coordinator as well as a mentee on the National Legislative Committee under the Northwest Mountain chair.  I also serve on the national core cadre team for Recurrent Training and I am the NATCA safety rep for ZLC.  And I do all of this in between sitting at the scope talking to airplanes, which is my original passion and why I do all the things I do!

To read more about Caryn click here

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