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ATO Succession Planning

ATO Succession Planning

ATO Succession Planning (ATO-SPP) is a two-year leadership development program designed for managers who are strongly motivated to advance to next-level, mission-critical target jobs.   The 2017 program specifically targets aspiring second-level managers in all facilities, all locations, and in all eight ATO service units. 


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ATC Vision 100 FAQ

ATC Vision 100 FAQ

The following Q&A offers the latest information on controller retirements and the status of the (OPM) inquiry.

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Upcoming Events

PWC Social

January 31

Come join PWC & Livingston Federal for a fun night of bowling at Main Event in Grapevine TX

PWC Opportunities

February 15

In 2017 the following offices are up for election: President, Membership Director, Secretary and the Regional Director offices for the following regions:  Alaska, Central, Great Lakes and Eastern.  Deadline is February 15, 2017
PWC Scholarships

February 17

Each year PWC awards muliple Scholarship Opportunities to not only PWC Members and/or an immediate family members of a PWC member, but also to non-PWC Members.  Deadline is February 17, 2017.

Fire Rock Grill Social

January 18

Join PWC at Fire Rock Grill to discuss Goals, Scholarship Opportunities, and learn more about PWC.

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Who is PWC - Kate Nnena-Ibemgbo

Meet International PWC Member - Kate Nnena-Ibemgbo

Getting to being a member of PWC to me is like an icing on the otherwise delicious cake, it has made me a better and more determined person. My interactions from my first conference in New Orleans and subsequent conferences, friendships and relationships that have grown from that one singular contact have made me realize that there is a whole world of possibilities within and outside of ATC. It is my ardent hope and desire that PWC grows and spills over to the African continent, so that the sisterhood if I may call it that may be stronger and all encompassing. We the women Controllers in Nigeria and indeed Africa as a whole needs that continuous moral boost to make us get to the apex of our career and contribute positively to the growth of the aviation sector in Africa and world. 

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A Time of Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to think about all the things that are going well, and that we’re grateful for. Some things that come to mind are our health, our family and friends and our jobs. Even as we might face certain challenges in these areas, there are always aspects that are going well, when we take time to notice.
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Global Leadership via the Caribbean Initiative

As you know, the Global Leadership Initiative is one of FAA’s strategic initiatives to transform how we prioritize and target resources to engage with the international aviation community. We’re using data to determine where we can make the most difference. Even though countries are more connected than ever thanks to technological advancements, the reality is that it’s still a big world. Through our international partnerships, we’re exchanging information and best practices to make air travel more seamless throughout the world.

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Honoring our Veterans

On this Veterans Day, Friday, November 11, I’d like to honor the brave men and women who have served in our armed forces. These individuals and their families, as well as those who serve in the military today, have made large sacrifices to protect our freedom.  Their contributions are invaluable.
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FY 17 Top 5 Hazards

The ATO’s Top 5 Hazard List is a key way in which we employ our Collect, Find, Fix safety approach.  We’ve recently determined the list items for Fiscal Year 2017.  This year, we’re tackling hazards involving: close encounters between IFR and VFR aircraft, NOTAM issuance and cancellation, NOTAM prioritization and filtering, runway flyovers, and aircraft landing on the wrong runway, on a taxiway, or at the wrong airport.  We’re developing corrective action plans for these items now
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ATO Succession Planning Program

I’ve previously shared with you information on our Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Succession Planning Program, or ATO-SPP—a program that offers a chance for employees to take charge of their learning and career development while also exploring valuable leadership opportunities. Two years ago, we successfully recruited applicants to form talent pools of aspiring Technical Operations Managers and facility level 10-12 Air Traffic Managers. Participants have had the unique experience of enhancing their professional skills and abilities to qualify for these mission-critical positions.
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ATO Leadership

Hi everyone.  Last week, I talked about mid-cycle performance reviews, and the need to ask three key questions: What’s going great?  What can be improved?  What resources can we tap to strengthen our skills and abilities? 
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