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ATC Vision 100 FAQ

ATC Vision 100 FAQ

The following Q&A offers the latest information on controller retirements and the status of the (OPM) inquiry.

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Conference Registration

February 17

PWC 2017 National Training Conference - Anchors Aweigh is now open for registration.  Click the logo to register.

Black History Month

February 12

In honor of black history month, the Diversity Team has created a flyer of little known facts and quotes.


PWC Scholarships

February 17

Each year PWC awards muliple Scholarship Opportunities to not only PWC Members and/or an immediate family members of a PWC member, but also to non-PWC Members.  Deadline is February 17, 2017.

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Who is PWC - James Sulton

Meet PWC Member - James Sulton 

James Sulton is a supervisory air traffic control specialist at Chicago TRACON in Elgin, Illinois. Prior to assuming this role, Sulton worked on the national Recurrent Training Program and in Quality Assurance at FAA headquarters, and as an air traffic control specialist at Potomac TRACON. 

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NextGen Progress

Last week, our Program Management Organization (PMO) Vice President Kristen Burnham and I visited Harris Corporation, one of the companies that are building systems to support our NextGen modernization. With a multi-year project with so many moving parts, it’s important for us to see firsthand how things are coming along. I want to share with you some of the recent progress we’ve been making nationwide
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Cybersecurity is an important priority for our nation. There’s a lot of concern about the protection of our personal and private data.

Certainly cyberattacks can also potentially disrupt service in the NAS, which has been designated as critical infrastructure by Presidential Executive Order, requiring greater protection. This includes protection from a myriad of different threats such as intrusion from outside sources, insider threat, attacks in the Radio Frequency and Satellite spectrum, and the possibility of inadvertent downloading of viruses into NAS systems.

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Martin Luther King

This Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It’s a moment for us to reflect on the benefits of having a workforce that is diverse and inclusive. When we have people from different backgrounds with different perspectives, we can be more innovative and make better decisions as an organization. We’re taking many steps to cultivate this kind of workforce
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Recurrent Training

Happy New Year! With 2017 underway, we remain committed to driving down safety risk and improving the ways we identify and address safety concerns. Our controllers are among the most highly-skilled professionals in the world, and we use the FAA-NATCA led Recurrent Training program to reinforce core skills and address national safety trends.

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Happy Holidays

During this holiday season, many of us will have a chance to see family and friends, while reaffirming some of our most noble values like peace, love, joy and goodwill to others. As we go to parties, prepare meals, and give gifts, we’re reminded that these values are not just seasonal. They’re enduring ones to be honored throughout the year.   
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Continuous Leadership Develoment

John F. Kennedy once said that “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” I agree with that. As leaders, we must continually learn more and improve ourselves, so we can lead others more effectively. 

This idea is at the heart of the ATO’s Continuous Leadership Development program, or CLD. One component of CLD is Leaders Teaching Leaders (LTL), designed specifically for the field where Senior Leaders (e.g. ARTCC Air Traffic Managers, Terminal District Managers, and Technical Operations District Managers) facilitate open dialogue training sessions with the managers that report to them.
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A Time of Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to think about all the things that are going well, and that we’re grateful for. Some things that come to mind are our health, our family and friends and our jobs. Even as we might face certain challenges in these areas, there are always aspects that are going well, when we take time to notice.
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Global Leadership via the Caribbean Initiative

As you know, the Global Leadership Initiative is one of FAA’s strategic initiatives to transform how we prioritize and target resources to engage with the international aviation community. We’re using data to determine where we can make the most difference. Even though countries are more connected than ever thanks to technological advancements, the reality is that it’s still a big world. Through our international partnerships, we’re exchanging information and best practices to make air travel more seamless throughout the world.

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ATO Leadership

Hi everyone.  Last week, I talked about mid-cycle performance reviews, and the need to ask three key questions: What’s going great?  What can be improved?  What resources can we tap to strengthen our skills and abilities? 
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