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Art of Airport Tower

Art of Airport Tower

Join PWC and friends at the National Air and Space Museum for an Art of the Airport Tower display.

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PWC Social Hour

September 14

Join PWC at Old Chicago from 4:30-6pm September 14, 2016

PWC Meet n Greet

August 29

Join PWC's President Patti Wilson & Northwest Mountain RD Aimee Wright-Shingleton 

August 29, 2016  5-7pm

326 SW Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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Who is PWC - Michelle Ems

Professional Women Controllers, Inc. are people like Michelle Ems of St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport, ATCT (PIE).  Here is her story of why she joined PWC and why she continues to encourage others to join.  Thank you, Michelle.

“Being new to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as an air traffic controller can be overwhelming, to say the least.  Not only do you have to learn the technical aspect of controlling airplanes but you must also learn other aspects of being a Federal Employee.  Like in any other profession, the first few years require a great amount of dedication and persistence in order to be a quality employee.  Becoming involved in professional organizations such as Professional Women Controllers, Inc. (PWC) can make the transition into the workforce that much smoother.  

To read more about Michelle click here.

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People are at the heart of everything we do.  And I believe that when we take care of our people, they’ll care of the operation.  The things we say, and the things we do, have an impact on our co-workers, and ultimately affect our mission
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ATO Awards 2016

This week we held the ATO’s third annual NAS First, People Always awards ceremony.  We recognized employees, teams and facilities, nominated by their peers, for demonstrating the highest levels of professionalism, leadership, excellence and collaboration.  Here are a few examples of this year’s winners.
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Diversity Inclusion

Today I want to talk about diversity and inclusion and give some examples of how our employee associations are working to improve those areas in the ATO. This week, the FAA’s Hispanic Coalition held their annual training conference in Garden City, New York.  In early August, the FAA’s Black Coalition will be doing the same in New Orleans.  The FAA also has several other employee associations such as the Professional Women Controllers, National Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees with Disabilities, National Asian and Pacific American Association, Gay, Lesbian Or Bisexual Employees Organization, Native American/Alaskan Native, and the Technical Women’s Organization.  These groups provide training, mentoring, networking, and scholarship opportunities for our employees and the community.  

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FY15 ATO Safety Report

This week, I want to focus on some of the highlights included in the recently published FY15 ATO Safety Report.  We made a lot of progress over the past year and I think it’s important to acknowledge the range of proactive activities that were undertaken by the ATO.  
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DASHO Awards

The safety and health of our employees is very important.  Vaughn Turner, our Vice President of Technical Operations, serves as the agency’s Designated Agency Safety and Health Official (DASHO).  He is responsible for standardizing employee safety activities throughout the FAA.  As part of the DASHO awards program, we honor employees who go above and beyond their normal duties to help us ensure a safe and healthy workplace.  Today, I want to highlight some of our previous award recipients.
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Flight Programs

The FAA’s Flight Programs are a key part of our mission to ensure the safest, most efficient airspace system in the world.  
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4th of July

As we celebrate, let’s be sure and reflect on the freedoms that we as Americans believe in, such as the right to free speech, free enterprise and the freedom to govern ourselves. 
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Data Communications

Last week, we met with the NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC) here in Washington DC.  The NAC is a forum where we can work with industry and labor to implement NextGen.  This collaboration has been essential to our success.  I want to recap some of the progress we discussed at the meeting
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ATO Leadership

Hi everyone.  Last week, I talked about mid-cycle performance reviews, and the need to ask three key questions: What’s going great?  What can be improved?  What resources can we tap to strengthen our skills and abilities? 
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