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Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus tuition discount for federal employees, spouses and dependents. Federal employees are eligible for a 5% tuition reduction on Penn State World Campus online programs. Visit for details.

Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave

Ever have questions about what paperwork you needed to file, what articles help give you guidance or just how to go about planning your Maternity Leave.

Join PWC!

Join PWC!

As part of the National Employee Forum, PWC leadership meets on a quarterly basis with FAA Headquarters executives, including at times the FAA Administrator, to discuss policies and issues impacting FAA employees. This avenue keeps PWC at the forefront of change and provides an opportunity to dialogue on areas that can impact the interests of PWC membership.

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Who is PWC -Ana Carey (Mendivil)

Meet PWC Member Ana Mendivil

My name is Ana Mendivil and I have been a PWC member since 2014. I had fallen in love with airplanes long before then but was in pursuit of a career as a pilot until Trish Cummings gave me a tour of Los Angeles ARTCC.

Prior to the tour, I attended Mt. San Antonio College and attained both Commercial Flight and Aviation Science degrees. By the time I had decided to pursue air traffic a hiring bid had been cancelled, the hiring process had been changed so previous qualifications did not provide special consideration, but I still met qualifications so I threw my hat into the ring.

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Will the Real Super Bowl GOAT Please Stand Up?

After a big event like the Super Bowl game or the State of the Union address, a lot of people will discuss what happened to a team’s offense, whether the commercials were clever, and if the speech resonated with the public. But thanks to our ATO team, typical citizens aren’t worried about whether visitors got snarled in air traffic or whether the event venues were safe from drones or other aircraft.

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Getting Back Up to Speed with Our Full ATO Workforce

I want to welcome back everyone who wasn’t allowed to do your job during the furlough, and of course thank all of you who came to work every day even though nobody was getting paid. I know what a hardship this has been for everyone, and I want to assure you that we recognize this stress didn’t just dissipate the day the furlough ended
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